By doing Zen Meditation a lot can you develop super powers?

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like being a super being be able to heal etc..

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Rico JPA

The purpose of zen meditation is to seek the negation of self, to realize the illusion of separateness. It is said of zen enlightenment, before enlightenment, chop wood and fetch water…but, ah, after enlightenment, chop wood and fetch water.

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When you become demon infested sure, but at a price


are you serious?

my friend

One may learn to utilize the ki of the universe for such beneficial activities however, one will need and require a competent and experienced master/sensei and a life time of study and practice so as to master the same and one’s self.


your referring to Chi, I don’t think its possible to achieve this solely by meditating, you need to find a Zen master to train you. and even then its years of dedicated work.


Well, there are such things as iddhis in Buddhist tradition:
Gautama Buddha describes the following as iddhi powers:
* Multiplying the body into many and into one again
* Appearing and Vanishing at will
* Passing through solid objects as if space
* Ability to rise and sink in the ground as if in the water
* Walking on water as if land
* Flying through the skies
* Touching anything at any distance (even the moon or sun)
* Traveling to other worlds (like the world of Brahma) with or without the body
Also, there are the siddhis of yoga:
* Knowing the past, present and future;
* Tolerance of heat, cold and other dualities;
* Knowing the minds of others;
* Checking the influence of fire, sun, water, poison, and so on;
* Remaining unconquered by others.


I shall investigate and get back to you… i bloody hope so!!! 😀

Aryan Princess

Yes, yogis who have mastered meditation at the most advanced level do develop supernatural powers and Buddha was the ultimate master of them as were many others


yes. but a person who develops superpowers without wisdom will misuse them. also,there is a stage before wisdom is developed that is called the corruption of insight where a person thinks they have reached the highest state possible and will still be trapped in delusion. if you want to read about a woman who had powers read Knee Deep in Grace. she never misused her powers.


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