Home Discussion Forum By doing meditation can we able to make friends?

By doing meditation can we able to make friends?

Can we talk to people intelligently and make friends.
Can we be rich.


  1. What? Meditation clears your mind and helps you think clearly. You could possibly get those things but it is more for inner peace then outer rewards.

  2. Do you notice when you meet people some are more attractive than others? I am not taking about physical beauty. For some reason you feel attracted to some and pushed away by others, without them even saying a word to you. The more free one feels inside, the more open he/she is to others. What we respond to, is the “presence” of the person in front of us. This presence is enhanced by meditation.
    When your mind stops generating thoughts of fear, lack, blame, guilt, greed, anger, frustration, etc. and becomes free to look at this world innocently and without judgment then your are in your natural state. You are yourself and like minded people come to you, are attracted to you and respond to your energy. Meditation is one of the vehicles through which this gets accomplished and the result is a free mind, free to create a world of beauty. This i would call real richness. And material resources are bound to follow.
    Ella says prayer is making friends with God. Then meditation is becoming one with God. Better said realizing this truth is meditation. That energy that compels me to write this answer is the same as the one that compels you to ask the question, is the same that makes people look for love everywhere. Finding that love inside you when you close your eyes, and let go of everything… is so precious. I wish i could put that in words… Thank you for bringing this up in me.


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