By do White bigots put so much energy into putting down other races?

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I’ve never understood it. The Caucasian race has been so successful on earth that it would make sense for them to be the happiest.
Why to the racist ones put so much time and energy into hating other races? Why do they do scientific studies to attempt to prove they have larger brains? Why do they get angry when a non-white is more successful than them?
Just looking for opinions.

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Stan P

Probably for the same reason that other bigots put down whites.
Ignorance and intolerance is a horrible cross to bear.


Because they are insecure and scared. They also think they are better than everyone else. Drives me crazy!! Life is too short to waste so much energy on hating each other.


They have an inferiority complex and they’re scared sick of it.
They go to great lengths to “prove” they are greater because they know they are not and it’s really themselves they’re trying to convince.

Juice* Digital

“Why do they do scientific studies to attempt to prove they have larger brains?””
All have failed.


dlǝɥ pǝǝu ǝldoǝd ʞɔɐlq

Sir Thomas the Pretty Good

The same reason bigots of every other race do. As if it was just the white ones.
EVERY village has its idiots.


The same reason
Black bigots, Asian bigots, and Hispanic bigots do.
All of these people are vain and ignorant. And they’re too stupid to realize that generalizations, and TV shows don’t make things factual.

I hate you

I’m just a speaker of the truth. I’m not a coward.


I think you’ll find that kind of bigotry in other races, just aimed at different targets. Check out the Japanese attitude towards the Ainu, say. Everyone has someone to hate.

Jezebel (KayKay back up account)

I don’t know why ANY bigots waste so much time trying to prove that one race is any better than the other.
It is simply not true……we are all the same species. A good example is cats…..they are all cats, but have different fur colors. It has nothing to do with their insides……a different color of coat does not make anything on the inside any different. Same with humans and skin color…..It’s not a difficult concept to grasp…..
All of the energy trying to prove any differently could be better spent trying to improve other things that are REALLY going on in the world (like starvation, poverty and pollution).
@ “bigsnook”…..that was a really ugly thing to say. Not to mention inaccurate……and about “illegal immigrants”, you would do the same thing if your family was starving to death. Have you seen how many of the people in Mexico live? If it was me, you better believe I would be trying to claw my way out of there too……and so would you.


You’re right; but HEY, people of other races do the same thing.
don’t act like only some white people put down other races; people from every other race does it too.

Lyrica Santana proud Mexican

Just ignore them because they are so ignorant and they are letting everyone notice how weak they are.
Bigsnook- you such and idiot you don’t even know all of us mexicans, whites also do drugs and crimes and steal cars.

Aleksander R

because it’s an integral part of their way of hanging onto power- control the media and spread negative propaganda about others to make them appear inferior. all of those scientific experiments that have been done to prove the superiority of whites to other races are based on false facts and faulty scientific reasoning designed to produce the desired results.
these sorts of things have been going on for eons, but if you want a recent, short term example, consider the campaign republicans tried to run against Obama during last year’s election- they deliberately catered to the racists and bigots in their ranks (a significant number of members of the party) by suggesting Obama was a Muslim terrorist and making an important issue out of his middle name, Hussein.
Essentially the same sort of tactics designed to maintain power, but failing more and more as time progresses and people become more educated and opinionated.


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