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Butter is in milk, but not visible. There is a process to retreive the butter. God is in the world similarly.?

As you have to curdle the milk and after a day you have to seperate butter by running it in mixie with a butter seperator. Likewise God is not visible to our naked eye. Intense meditation within and disengaging the mind will lead to realisation. This philosophy is found in Hindu, Buddha, zen and other treditions. Those who practiced and found perfection like Shri Ramakrishna, Shri Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda and His preceptors have recorded their experiences. Do you agree the philosophy?


  1. ummm…you’re talking about making cheese not butter…..Geez…it’s no wonder you can’t get your science right.

  2. so god rotted, went away leaving us behind in a bacterial cesspool? lousy analogy–and yeah, that’s cheese you’re talking about

  3. no, it is dumb and irrelevant because i have a stick of butter in my refrigerator (i know it exists). i dont have a stick of god in it…

  4. The knowers of the three vedas, who by drinking soma are purified of sins, worship me with sacrifices and pray for heaven. Reaching the holy world of the king of gods (Indra), they enjoy in heaven all celestial pleasures.
    ” – Bhagavad Gita in line with Veda – (chapter 9, verse 17)
    – Bhagavad Gita in line with Vedanta – (chapter 2, verses 45 and 46)

    The Vedas have the three gunas as their subject; be above the three qualities, O Arjuna. Free from the pairs of opposites, be firmly established in purity, and not caring for gain and preservation, be possessed of the Self.
    Whatever use a well has in a place flooded with water, that much use there is in the Vedas for an enlightened person.

    Imagine a Sand Timer or what is called an Hour Glass. Imagine its shape. The Upper side of Hour Glass, the visions that all get from God, especially the sages who have a thorough VALUE system (Verified and Aligned Link within with THAT Ultimate Entity) instilled within. Perhaps in Eastern Philosophy can be called Vedas and Sruthi. They are like the Upperside of Hourglass, very vast, addressing so many issues of life in a Holistic Manner …. just like the wider upperside of the Hour Glass.
    Now imagine the middle neck of the Hour Glass, so thin like the fundamental conclusions that is made out of the visions and what is heard from sages (Vedas and Sruthi)… may be like the the butter or Ghee from the milk … it can be called End of Vedas or Vedanta or Upanishads as in Eastern terminology…
    Now from the Visions (Vedas) and what is heard (Sruti), thru contemplating on Vedas and Sruti the Essence (Vedanta or Upanishad the neck of Hour Glass) came. From there various practical laws for better form of living (the bottom spread of Hour Glass) … They are called Science for living (What is called Shastra in Eastern Terms) and Smriti (meaning what is remembered of what is heard thru Sruti) and also the Sutra, the formulae for better living ( meaning proverbs and aphorisms from what is remembered ie Smriti)…. perhaps this can be compared to the various products that are made out of Ghee or Butter, the products from the essence in the neck, again a wider bottom of Hour Glass indicating Vastness again.
    It is said whenever there is doubt in Sutras ( the formulae, the proverbs or aphorims) we should look backward to Smriti and Shastras (what is remembered and Science) for clarification… whenever we are doubtful of memory or Science, clarify those doubts by getting back to Upanishads (the essence of what is heard) or Sruti (What is Heard) or Ultimately into the Vedas ( the Visions of those who are connected to God) …
    Imagine Quran, the Visions to Prophet Mohammed, the Veda part and when he told this, it is the Sruti part … Sruti and Veda, the distinctions are so thin …
    Now to the point, Some consider Bhagavad Gita as an Upanishad, the neck of Hour Glass whereas some consider it as a Smriti (What is remembered to suit various situations) the lower portion of the Hour Glass …
    When we try to analyse anything, the essences or the Upanishad is very important … the essence obtained out of contemplation on the visions or what is heard … it is like carving out the pattern from the whole lot of, Ocean of things being said in various ways …
    jk’s Upanishad is that the neck of the Hour Glass / Sand Timer or the butter or Ghee of what all things being said probably is ” There is only One God and He is 100% Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient and we as various parts or istruments to Thee are supposed to maintain a communication link with THAT and act obediantly Thy commands with full confidence without doubts and botherations of End Results… because it is not we who are doing anything, but it is Thee who is doing Everything and we are just part of Thy Divine Will …
    Aspects of Dialectical Dianetics …
    May be this was the point jk was trying to bring out … probably this is the Hour Glass neck, the essence, the theme behind the lines that jk tries to keep within whatever he may utter or quote wherever or whenever or however according to his comprehension of the situation …. may be different quotes or different styles of expressions to suit the vastness of bottom side of the Hour Glass, for practical purposes …. but the essence probably is always this only …

  5. I agree whole heartedly.
    A favorite verse from the Upanishads says –
    ghrtamiva payasi nigUDham bhUte bhUte vasati vijnAnam |
    satatam manthayitavyam manasA manthAnabhUtena || 20 ||
    Like butter hidden in milk,
    pure Consciousness abides in all beings.
    It should be churned out, continually,
    by the action of the churning stick of the mind.
    (Amrtabindu verse 20 – my translation)
    Ramana Maharshi also mentions this in Talk 349.
    “Just as by churning the curd butter is extracted …, even so, by unswerving vigilant constancy in the Self, ceaseless like the unbroken filamentary flow of oil, is generated the natural or changeless trance or nirvikalpa samadhi, which readily and spontaneously yields that direct, immediate, unobstructed and universal perception of Brahman, which is at once Knowledge and Experience and which transcends time and space.”

  6. Can`t you explain God better? God is honey. Available on any tree . Collected assiduously by hard working honey bees. Bees collect honey and store it .They work without enjoying the fruit of their work. We enjoy honey without working for it because God blessed us and created us wise.


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