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budokon, taichi, qigong PLZ ANSWER??????

hi, i know that tai chi, qigong, and budokon, are good for relaxing, it’s like martial arts, etc., but which of these three exercises are good for toning your body? are all of them good? thx!


  1. All three of these should give you a pretty decent workout. Although i have found that the “Community Center” martial arts programs are usually pretty weak in this category traditional Tai Chi should be pretty strenuous. Any Quigong or budokon class will be good as they are designed as an exercise regimen.

  2. Budokon-do you mean Budokan?
    If you do, Budokan is not a martial art.
    It is an organization developed to be like a governing body and common house for all martial arts.

  3. Any art that you focus your entire self into is excellent for you. Qigong itself (like yoga) is not a martial art, but has a lot of great health benefits as well.
    As far as Tai Chi Chuan (also spelled Taijiquan, but pronounced the same way) is concerned, it is traditionally a martial art and in my opinion yields the best benefits when practiced that way. Most instructors who teach Tai Chi in the U.S. usually offer a watered down, “new age” version of Tai Chi. Some even say that it has no martial value and the movements have no purpose. It would be in your best interest to find an authentic Tai Chi instructor with a verifiable lineage. Remember that not all of the Tai Chi curriculum involves slow movement. This is only a training methodology and one of the facets of Taijiquan training. There are also fast forms, weapons training, strength training, push hands, sparring, and self defense.
    There are three elements to training in Taijiquan: 1, Fundamentals; 2, Forms; 3, Function. Training in all three of these yields the best results for overall health, body conditioning, toning, and martial skill.


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