budhis, if reincarnation is a major reason why you do not eat chicken?

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I wonder how can people believe in reincarnation while the number of people who were born more than all the dead. so there are people who reincarnated into ants, grasshoppers, bacteria, or lice?

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I don’t think that Buddhists believe in reincarnation. That is Hindus.


Actually, depending on your karma, you can come back as an animal.


Reincarnation isn’t the word we use commonly, instead using “rebirth”. We don’t believe in linear time and understand that once a world stops being a safe place for all sentient beings (not just humans) they will start taking rebirth in other worlds.
I don’t eat chicken or any other meat, for that matter, because of the way animals are treated as they’re raised, and killed. Anything that harms other sentient beings is what we try to move away from, which IMHO includes the mistreatment of people here in America and other countries, who abuse human rights.
People take rebirth according to their state of mind at death and their karma. There are many other ways to appear in according to their karma. We have 8 hot hells, a whole bunch of cold hells, we have hungry ghosts (for those who were gluttonous in life), we even have a “heaven-like” world where you appear when you have good karma, but haven’t learned the Dharma (for whatever reason), but as soon as your good karma wears out, you go to one the lower rebirths.
This is why we try to not harm other sentient beings, making use of this precious human birth, where we can reason and understand the Dharma, as long as your mind in this life is okay and you’re not suffering some kind of difficulty.



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