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BUDDHISTS – What is the "Law of Inversion" and Kalachakra Tantra?

The Kalachakra Tantra (Time Tantra) is considered the last and most recent of all the revealed tantra texts (c. tenth century), yet also as the “highest of all Vajrayana ways”, “the pinnacle of all Buddhist systems”. Has quoted from:-
Law of Inversion:-
Tallgreen alien – there are lots of alternative links on the kalachakra tantra other than those posted and I dont know about any such connections as I have only just heard about this tantric buddhism. But I thought buddhists are meant to fight sexual urges and not partake of tantric orgies.
It looks like black magic as it looks like it involves demons and degenerate sexual practices. How does this relate to the peaceful face of buddhism seen in the west that looks like fighting all cravings.
If it is indeed false, why doesnt the dalai llama come out and say so.


  1. As a Buddhist of over 30 years, I found the Trimondi book to be absurd. I read that the Trimondis were financed by the German Communist Party to write an anti-Buddhist propaganda book against the Dalai Lama. I also read that the Trimondis are two German Communists with suspected links to the Bader-Meinhoff terrorist organization. Stick with respected and trusted Buddhist authors.
    Edit: Well, you seem to have stumbled on a land mine with the Trimondi book. Probably any other link is better than that one. One mistake Trimondi makes is to take that which is a metaphor, visualization, or is to be imagined as literal. This is one of the main reasons that the tantras are not taught to beginners. One thing to keep in mind is that one of the fundamental tenets of Buddhism is to not harm others. So anything you’ve read that seems to indicate the contrary is probably a metaphor for something else, such as defeating one’s ego-centeredness rather than an actual physical enemy.
    As for Buddhism and sex. There’s no such thing as a tantric orgy. If you heard of such a thing happening, it’s just purely indulgence in a regular worldly orgy.
    And you should know that yes, Buddhists have sex. Otherwise we’d have died off a long time ago. It’s monks who generally don’t have sex, except that a very few Tibetan monks have wives. The point of abstaining from sex for a monk is to simplify their lives so they can practice the dharma. If there are sexual feelings, they are acknowledged and worked with just like any other thought. As with any emotion, passion is suffering when it has the aspect of attachment. Also, Buddhists do not partake of sex in a way that harms others.
    New Tibetan Buddhist students should be taught Buddhism in a gradual manner, beginning with the fundamentals of hinayana and mahayana, and lastly, after probably years of study, begin to study the tantras, which, as I have said, are quite susceptible to misinterpretation, particularly for non-Buddhists and people new to Buddhism.
    BTW, I think you will never read what I have added because you don’t allow contacts or emails, so I can’t draw your attention to it, but if you actually do check back here, you may email me if you would like to continue this discussion.

  2. Buddha is an Indian Philosopher. There are many ways as many techniques of transcending the world, and Tantra is just one among them. The difference with Tantra is that, while all other ways or techniques of transcendece demands that one ought to win over the sence organs to control them fully, Tantra lets them go free, wioth the expectation that they shall soon be saturated and fed up with the mundane ways to turn to transcendence. This shall work, if one is genuine, and sensitivie.
    Vajrayana is a tradition devoleped in Tibet by the Lamas, from what they had translated from Sanskrit to Tibetian after travelling great Himalyan peaks on foot.
    Naturally, they could not translate much other than the firect Buddhist texts, and some Tantric techiques, for instance, they could not translate the Yoga techinque of Patnajali. It seems that they substituted Tantric techinques for Yogic techniques, inviting much complications and self torture. both Vajrayana and Hevajra indicates this.
    Kalalchakra is the vitiation of birth, death, and rebirth cycle in essence. The point is to break this and escape from birth, to become blissfull, and in peace. The first noble truth of Buddha itsels says that ‘llife is full of suffering’.
    With this backdorp, one must approach these texts……….

  3. Dr. Girishkumar TS,
    FINALLY, an educated answer… an answer on yahoo answers that demonstrates understanding and knowledge.
    Dr, you definitely hit this answer on right on the nail.
    As a practicing Buddhist and student for over 20 years, I find the many many other dharma doors to be tremendously easier. The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua once said that the tantra process is also a dharma door, but also the most difficult. Sex/lust is already the most difficult desire for people to give up, so going through tantra practices is extremely difficult to master. Tantra can only be successful if one is practicing it with a genuine, unobstructed mind. There can’t be ANY lust/desire whatsoever.

  4. Obviously you, or the persons or organization you refer to and from , are ingnorant of the actual pratices in Vajrayana.
    The Kalchakra is definitely not the latest in revealed Tantra texts.
    It constantly amazes me how many people that ask questions are in no way looking for answers, but are here only to stir up things.
    If you are going to quote a Buddhist text, please use a readily available and reliable source.
    And one more little tidbit of information, Tantra has nothing to do with sex. and certainly not orgies !


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