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Buddhists: If all sentient beings have finally reached Nirvana, can we start killing people?

No one suffers when you kill them. And it is not you who does the killing, because you are egoless. Does universal Buddhahood negate Ahimsa?
A Zen koan for the contemplative Buddhist.


  1. Physical death and killing will be no more.
    The meaning of death focused upon will be spiritual change for the better.
    The only killing will be killing hatred with kindness and compassion, and killing off fear and division with truth and love.
    If you are still attached to killing as in the physical meaning of life and death, then perhaps you are still thinking in terms of the material world and not on the spiritual level that nirvana represents.

  2. All people ( & animals) are basically prisoners in the world where the devil rules (there is no God).
    So instead of killing people, the people need to be told the good news about the existence of the way which liberates them from the prison of body & the world. Killing does not liberate them because the devil will again give them a rebirth.
    Rather , by teaching them meditation to become desire less , they will attain their own nirvana .
    So ahimsa is not negated. violence only causes the bad karma which may lead to allowing the devil (the judge) to make a case against us for more punishment to be experienced in this or subsequent rebirths.

  3. It would be impossible to kill; as there would be no-thing capable of killing and no-thing capable of dying because the concept of self, which experiences life and death has to be entirely abandoned in order to attain Nirvana.


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