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Buddhists, how would you define empty?

“Students, sit earnestly in zazen, and you will realize that everything born in this world is ultimately empty, including oneself and the original face of existence. All things indeed emerge out of emptiness.”
What does emptiness mean.? an empty glass is full of air.
Can you define emptiness for me so I can grasp the idea.?

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  1. Don’t try to be too metaphysical. You’ll give yourself a headache.
    Try emptying yourself of things like greed, jealousy, envy, laziness, and fear.
    Then see how you feel.

  2. Waiting to be filled. A child is just a child until it is born then it has life experience and is filled. From emptiness comes all – the universe. Even ideas come from nothing.
    Emptiness to be filled by life and existence

  3. not a buddhist, but i love the teachings of buddha. i would suggest that this is saying we come from nothingness (much like the big bang theory lol) before i existed there was nothing in my place (emptyness) but as no person can come from nothing, then i am still empty
    all things come from nothingness, or in this case emptyness

  4. Empty does not mean physically empty, it means void of inherent (self) nature. Everything exists due to conditions, thus everything arises dependently. Nothing can exists alone, and thus nothing has a unique, unchangeable, permanent characteristic (called the inherent or self-nature). We say something is empty (of self-nature) if something arises dependently (of conditions). We say something is not empty if that something has a self-nature.
    Since everthing in this world exists due to conditions, all things are ultimately empty, and indeed emerge out of emptiness.

  5. Here’s my patchwork answer. I will not use other Buddist terms to describe this one…
    Emptiness is not about lack of whats there. Its about your relationship to it.
    A glass may be half full of water, the water itself is as “empty” as you relate to it. Same with the air. Read on.
    Not given any value. Like the currency of a unknown country.
    The paper money of our country is filled with the value we give it. A $1 bill, and a $100 bill are made from the same fibers.
    We create the value. These bills are useless in the jungle. Its all about circumstances/timing.
    Emptiness is reliant on the lack of self.
    Someone elses trophies are empty to you. Your trophies are empty to them. Or at least filled with different value.
    Fashion, over the years, has been filled, and emptied with many of the ideals that go with it. The same fashions are later filled with various meanings.
    Basically, emptiness and fullness are reliant on the ego’s identifaction with the object/thought being considered.
    Emptiness and fullness are a completely personal thing, its dependent on your association/lack of association to object/thought being considered.
    In our lives, many things/ideas come and go. This is why the word “emptiness” is used.
    Our mind attaches value to things/ideas as they associate to our lives, at that time.
    The objects/thoughts themselves are meaningless/empty wothout some signifigance to the moment.
    In BUddhist practice, its important to undestand how others “fill” objects and ideas. You can use their system to communicate better, and more efficiently.
    Its important to be able to be empty, so that you can be receptive to others. This is obvious, is you think of various cultures through out history, and the people that you know in your own life.
    I appolagize for the lack of orginazion of my answer. I hope that I was able to get my thought across.


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