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Buddhists how do i become enlightened? how do i know when i become enlightened? could you explain the process?

is it possible to maintain a pure conscience all the time?


  1. It happens when, after a period of pure contemplation you exclaim- ‘Oh, right.’.
    It may not be in your lifetime so don’t strain to hard.

  2. You are getting absolutely nowhere by asking that question on Y!A. It takes a lifetime of dedication and even then you may not achieve it. Get off the computer, buy some genuine meditation books(there are a lot of pseudonymous ones out there), join a monastery, meditate, dedicate every waking hour to it and maybe, just maybe you will scratch the surface of enlightenment. As to your second question: if you need to ask your not enlightened yet.
    Good luck

  3. “He who talks doesn’t know. He who knows doesn’t talk.”
    “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”
    The greatest truths cannot be explained but only pointed to. the two Buddhist quotations I’ve given point to great truths.

  4. you may mourn the loss of yourself. and what you asking Buddhists for ? nothing wrong with buddhists but no group has a monopoly on enlightenment lol
    despite what you may be told – there is nothing you can do to become enlightened. you may kick and scream at every step, how are you going to stop imagining an illusion you created to keep you feeling safe ? the truth is true, it doesn’t need you to find it in order for it to remain true, so stop looking…
    oh, and ignore me, i know nothing lol.
    on a lighter note lol… honesty, willingness & openness are a good start, put one foot in front of the other and trust the that right friends with the right messages will arrive in your life as and when you need them. don’t look for guru’s, they are often jumped up spoiled brats…stay away from people who would ask you for anything in return for their time, they are frauds. (but you knew all that already right ? because your on the right path, otherwise i wouldn’t of arrived rambling on as i do lol 😀
    you have always lived an enlightened life. you just haven’t realized.
    and use your common sense as to what you listen too – some people are just full of sh– lol
    if you hear words that seem to resonate truthfully within you – they are true… trust intuition.

  5. The way to become Enlightened is to follow an ethical ‘Middle Path’, avoiding atachment to extremes. If you have too much conscience you get guilty; not enough & you get cunning.
    There’s an initial awakening to truth (the first glimpse of satori: stream entry), and the final arrival to truth (arahatship / Buddhahood). Don’t get caught up in language though.
    You will know, when you see Nirvaana. It is an epiphany. A breakthrough.
    The Buddha said that He saw His past lives, and the way that beings are reborn according to their actions & beliefs, or lack of them.
    To become Enlightened you must believe in yourself & do the needful (as the Buddha advised).
    With Metta (universal loving kindness),

  6. I once asked a Buddhist what is enlightenment? He explained it to me in a story.
    He said, “There was a Zen master named Aikido who lived in Japan. He was very wise so many would come to him for advise. He lived next door to a man who had a beautiful daughter. One day the daughter became pregnant. Her father forced her to tell him who the baby’s father was. Fearful, the daughter told him it was Aikido the Zen master. The father of the girl was very angry. He stormed next door to confront the Zen master. Once Aikido opened the door the father began yelling at the him. He said,’My daughter has confessed that you are the father of her baby.’ While smiling at his accuser, Aikido calmly replied,’Is that so?’ The father then returned home. This incident all but ruined the Zen master’s reputation. People quit seeking him for advise. About a year later the father returned to Aikido’s house. This time he had a baby. When Aikido opened the door the father handed the baby to him. The father then replied,’Since this is your baby, you are responsible for it.’ Aikido smiled, accepted the baby, and again responded,’Is that so?’ The Zen master began to care for the baby just as any loving parent would do. This continued for a few months time, after which the father returned to Aikido’s house. When the Zen master opened the door he was met by his repentive neighbor. The man explained that he was very sorry and he had made a mistake. He continued by saying,’My daughter has finally told me the truth. You are not the father, but the butchers son down the street is.’ Aikido handed over the baby, smiled, and then again replied,’Is that so?’ The father took the baby home while Aikido closed the door and continued on with his day.”
    The moral of the story is that regardless of the situation Aikido the Zen master responds exactly in the same way. No matter if the situation is good or bad he always resonds with the same reaction. He understands that good and bad are not reality, but simply conceptions of reality. He lives according to the concept that things are as they are. This is enlightenment. -God Bless! +?+


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