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BUDDHIST retreats ….. meditation, anyone ever attend a weekend retreat at one of these?

And were you relaxed and spiritually filled beyond words of explanation?
[only buddhists, folks who’ve experienced Buddhism/zen respond pls. No holy rollers 4 this question, please let’s respect one another’s belief systems here,thx]


  1. I was hoping someone else had answered. I am considering buddhism to replace catholicism and don’t know much about it. I know it sounds right.

  2. Your name sounds Irish. If so there is a good one down in Cork.
    The best place I ever heard of in the world is a retreat farm called Hollyhock Retreat on Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada, but they only have two per year.
    Actually the place is so beautiful you could simply do your own thing and I guarantee you would be grateful for the recommendation. Check out their web site.

  3. I am not a Buddhist, but I happen to know there is a retreat center just outside of Houston in a little place called Santa Fe. I recently got lost in that area and that’s where I ended up. When I looked through the front gate, I got the feeling that, had I stepped in, I would feel like I was in a totally different world. It was a good feeling.

  4. Well, I’m not Buddhist, but I am Taoist, which is very similiar, and I do meditate. Unfortunatly, i have not gone to one of these retreats. But I will tell you what I know about meditation. Its like showering or brushing your teeth, if you do it once a week, its basically useless. Meditation is something you need to do every day. Otherwise, its “results” or less powerful. Dont worry about going to a retreat, just meditate on your own. Dont save it for one weekend, because its basically useless. At least, thats my opinion

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