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Buddhist meditation supplies?

Could somebody give me a list of Buddhist meditation/ritual supplies? All of them. Thank you!


  1. Google came with 92.000 in 0.27 seconds
    You want for me to list them all ?
    I only have until 2012
    I will tell you the one to avoid
    Wind horse Imports
    It’s my pet snake lol

  2. You already have the only supplies you need for Buddhist meditation: Your Mind.
    Everything else is unnecessary. But if you want a good source of unnecessary stuff, check out Dharma Crafts: http://www.dharmacrafts.com/
    Also, beware of those who claim to be human. Such a being has a reptilian mind and poison fangs. Or is it reptilian fangs and a poison mind?
    Even with so many avatars at his disposal (HBH, Vic W, etc.), it just takes one bite to get the poison deeply under his shallow skin. He’s a sensitive little “Buddhist” who only likes to bite others. Little breeder reptilian.


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