Buddhism a religion or way of life?





by Jack Errr:

Buddhism is based more on living a good life,than a god. so is it a relegion or way of life?
Technicaly it is a relegion in my countary, but in every other religion there is a god(s), but not in buddhism. It depends what you think makes a religion.

Answer by FFFUUUU
Way of Life


  1. Both. If a person doesn’t got faith he can leave Buddhism. But If he doesn’t practise he can’t understand dhamma. Sorry about my English.

  2. It can be both, but it is possible to follow Buddhist philosophy without any religious aspect or to combine facets of Buddhism alongside any other religion. That is its uniqueness.
    For myself I find that the rituals of Buddhism help me to concentrate on where I am going with it all, which is, for the Buddhist, to find enlightenment, not to worship any deity.

  3. It would be incorrect to conclude that Buddhism is a way of life. While it does not have a god or gods who are worshipped, it does retain a distinct cosmology, the cycle of samsara, realms of gods, asuras, ghosts and hell. The daily life of a Buddhist does contain much less worship than that of other religions but that in no way marks it as a philosophy or a way of life.

  4. Check the laws in your country. Do they tax or not tax Buddhist temples in the same way they handle Catholic Churches?
    You can philosophize all you want, but if your country recognizes your organization as a religion, guess what? For all practical purposes, you’re a religious group and you practice a religion.

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