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What did his features mean? I need it for homework and I cant take the books home.


  1. Buddha is considered the ‘Enlightened One’ who found the “Middle Way” to life and wisdom.

  2. there are basically two representantions of Buddha. one in which he looks like a chubby guy and one in which he looks thin.
    the chubby guy is a Japanese variation, since fatness was considered a prosperity feature, so someone so special as Buddha had to be prosperous-looking.
    the thin one is the one you see represented in statues in Thailand, India, etc. he is always with a serene face, and is seen either sitting down with this legs crossed (as he was sitting when he attained enlightment under a tree) or laying down.
    many times he will have a hand in a certain position. those positions are called mudras, and have different meanings.
    anycase, this link may be of use to you

  3. you have a computer you can look it up his features and Buddah predicted the coming of Jesus to forgive sins in his Cambodian writings-try and get that too.
    have a great day-and when you look it up try to simplify the word ‘features’
    thanks David a past Buddhist believer had the statue too as a Jew till the dead sea scrolls proved the inerancy of Jesus and the bible-before that time the prophecies of Jesus in Isaiah had been discredited as being written by 2 or 3 different people, but it was found intact as one book by one Isaiah. it doesnt record the birth in a cucumber-or earth coming on the back of a turtle
    I have witnessed many who stand against the bible and even in Buddah’s karma saying he would reach nirvanah one day but died unhappy.
    when we do away with the bible which came in fulfilment to Buddahs prophecy so they can make their own rules who stand in error and with muslim males that take after Mohamad in his taking Aisha a 9 year old little girl who he found as the Hadith says on a swing-at his 40 years old and took with his other wives. she wasnt wearing a veil and in todays faster maturity she would be about 6-7 years old and he would be in prison for life
    the real issue is -is Islam good for people?=they have killed Muslims for Buddah too and vica versa
    Isaiah 9:6 beyond the veil “Unto us a child will be born, a SON GIVEN, and he will be Almighty God, and the prince of peace.” Of course rejected by the Athiests and people like you as well as the Muslim who says he believes Isaiah and Jesus-just not what is recorded-the Jewish people who as predicted reject the Messiah who would die to make atonement for their sins (Isaiah 53) tampered with the bible and put in what they reject?-Hello NO NO NO
    JESUS IS MY SAVIOR AND BEST FRIEND-AND do you in your attacks against the bible defend the Shiites and Sunni Muslims as since Jan. 2006 they terrorize each other too blowing up each others mosques and dragging out people and murdering them in the streets as recorded in the New York Times. Should we pull out and let the terrorist take over that country.
    the real issue with Buddah and no rules against sodomy or the hatred for the bible & America’s bush is he married a woman which to some is homophobic behavior.
    why not write your homework as Buddah gave little in the rules of free speach Jesus gives us freedom!
    If we blame ignorance or not having the book when we got a computer to look things up -for the garbage man being late to pick up garbage-we can blame God or anyone for everything in America that is done against the Jesus that says -one man for one woman in thankfulness and not in unthankfulness worshiping the created instead of the creator turned over to a reprobate mind as Romans chapter 1 says, yet 1st Corinthians 6:9-13 says and such WERE some of you but you have BEEN CLEANSED by the BLOOD OF JESUS. AND if we reject God from America as a nation-the athiests who have no set rule will make their own rules-are you ready for that-will you be ready to be arrested for being a chickenphobic for saying a man should not marry a chicken?
    they who honor God recommend you to have a genuine testimony of salvation in Jesus amazing grace to make it last. Otherwise you are marrying a person while you worship someone other than God. How I got this I prayed, Jesus I am sorry for my sins-even one lie which separates me from you, come into my heart and help me, be my friend, amen.
    this is recorded to happen in Jesus legal last will and testament=Revelation 3verses19&20 “I LOVE YOU, REPENT FROM YOUR SINS AND BEHOLD I KNOCK ON YOUR HEART DOOR TO COME IN, AND HAVE FELLOWSHIP WITH YOU AND YOU WITH ME.” John 3 repent from sin and be born again, to see the kingdom of heaven. Why not make it heavenly?
    WILL be praying for you and best wishes too with your research about Buddah, David and time to see is the bible really false based on one fact-you have an assignment —I have an experience along with billions that believe the bible over the pre writings of Buddah and know Jesus as personal savior and friend-absolutely and I am glad as born a Jew I accepted the bible thanks and prayin your assignment goes wiell-interesting they will put you down if you write about salvation in Jesus.

  4. Buddah…was a man and…
    Had many outstanding features.
    He could sit for long periods of time.
    He could eat lots of fruit.
    He had a huge belly and belly button.
    He spoke many sayings.
    He had a huge following.
    He was supposedly very gracious and gentile.
    There are many little and big statues of him all over.
    He was born of woman.
    He lived.
    He died, and is still in the grave.
    And That Is…The News…Daniel


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