buddha said for everyone to plant a tree every year?

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by naturemonkeyirrepressible:

to make up for what we take from the earth.
would you like to see this happen? would you plant a tree every year or pay it to be done for you.?
Never trust a hippie…ah thats going back !

Answer by carnival queen
Yes, I think I would either do it or pay for someone to do it for me. Good idea Buddha.

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Philip H ©

you could imagine all the numptys plating tree’s to close to house and roads, and then they grow and everything falls down. To be honest hippies cant be trusted.


Very nice idea… also in Australia, some doctors had the idea to tell the council to charge money from the parents on the birth of they kids, instead of giving them money – so to plant more trees and others enviromental expenses…
Lord Buddha also preached Ahimsa – not violence, so he was against the Indians at that time that used the animals sacrifice as an excuse for eating meat.
By being vegetarian, it helps not destroy the forest in the first place too.


I have not heard this, but I think it is a lovely idea.
Yes I would like to see this happen and I want to plant it myself. I especially loved dogwood and Japanese maple and an apple tree would be nice to.
Peace be with you always.


Oh good I planted two today. I’m wondering how many he planted in that 40 inactive years.
Never trust a hippie but always trust a Bee.
You can’t go wrong with Bees, what’s not to like.

Mary P

We planted trees every year for a very long time good to keep them going.

Carmen Lee

it would stop global warming. if only i have land to do so, otherwise, people would chop it down


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