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Breaking Dawn the movie?

My little sister is the complete Nessie! She is 4 years old, brown curly hair, golden eyes (SERIOUSLY), and has that little joyful and loving personality. But if they do make a breaking dawn movie my little sister would be probably the age 7 or something, sucks doesnt it?! Well,yah that’s it. Give me your opinions about Renesmee and Breaking dawn the movie. Thanks!
Well she looks just like Renesmee, even my best friend (And nessie addict) agreed with me.


  1. My opinions:
    I think Renesmee will be really cute, and it was a good idea for Stephenie Meyer to give Renesmee the talent that she has.
    I looooove Breaking Dawn.
    The book is sooo good, and I think the movie will be awesome aswell!


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