The Psychic Matrix

How Do You Define Consciousness? What are psychic powers? What is the soul? Are we connected at the quantum level? For thousands of years we have asked these existential questions and religions have attempted to explain our divine nature. With the advent of quantum mechanics, string and membrane theory, science has reached a new level of understanding. In The Psychic Matrix, you will meet the top scientists studying these important questions.

These brilliant minds explain how it is possible to have precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance; and how science has learned about potential human abilities that defy space and time. The Psychic Matrix explains the true nature of this wonderful “multiverse” and provides cutting-edge understanding of our undeniable connection to the cosmos, spirit and each other. Featuring: Amit Goswami PhD, Charles Tart PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dean Radin PhD, John Hagelin PhD, Russell Targ PhD, Brian O’Leary PhD. Also Featuring: Peter Russell DCS, Huston Smith PhD, Dorothy Sisk PhD, Paul Pearsall PhD.


  • You demonstrate your ignorance citing Randi’s bogus prize. Perhaps you lack academic integrity, yet I doubt your a scientist. Do your own homework instead of making undereducated assertions lol !

  • Remember, she’s a different part of the greater you, and perhaps it has other plans!

  • The people who KNOW (not me) don’t bother, they don’t care about 1 million dollars…I don’t either..
    But you should check out the scole experiments if you seek proof..

  • 17-18. Buddhism teaches there is no individual soul reincarnating but parts of one persons consciousness, personality traits, wanders along and can be found in another person.

  • different levels of perspectives are true. in the ultimate perspectives there is only god and he alone is the doer. but our superifcial physical prespective we see everything as separate and this is true. at this level of existence everything is separate. there is something that is localized that is being reincarnated(imo, i have memories that aren’t “mine” but still thats not proof)but when the conscious mind is brought into samadhi reincarnation would no longer make sense,you are all,but until

  • I suppose you seen God as you know it´s a he …what did he look like? Long white beard? Where did you meet him? On a cloud? On another planet? In a dream? And does everything? Like wars? Wow, that´s omnipotence.
    Everything connected is also ancient Buddhist knowledge that now quant-physists finds out is true. Actually I haven´t so far found anything in Buddhism that isn´t true

  • i didnt say it wasn’t true. im saying buddha was speaking from a different prespective, one we haven’t attained to. he has went past duality and sees himself as everything. so how can reincarnation exist for him? but our prespective is true it’s just not as fundamental. as far as god i’m referring to that oneness, which is intelligence so I think God is a fitting name. God takes the form of the devotee’s devotion.

  • different levels of existence each have their own truth. Our world were everything is billiard ball mechanics the atomic and subatomic and quantum scale all each have their on mechanics which seem to contradict each other but all are true. This is how reincarnation is true but also an illusion. because seeing it from the ultimate it can’t be. my thoughts anyway.

  • I f you want you call talking from a much higher, deeper realisation for “speaking from a different prespective” you can do so and call “oneness, which is intelligence” for God but I don´t think it´s propriate vocabalary. But maybe you´re american and they seem to always have to put in “God” somewhere because they´ve indoctrinated to do so.
    Unless you have a personal experience outside what you been thought to believe it´s just fooling yourself, not realising the true nature of reality.

  • look at yourself. you’re arguing for the sake arguing and nothing else. over vocabulary? a difference over vocabulary = indoctrination? and you steep so low to insult someone? all your readings on the buddha haven’t really changed you has it? still trying to add somehting to yourself

  • I’m sorry, so can you tell me? I really want to know why they aren’t hitting the lottery. Every psychic I’ve heard of is either delusional, broke, or got some kind of scam going (like Miss Cleo). Did the government capture and enslave all the ones that are legit? Can they only use esp in certain ways or at uncertain times?

  • 1. Not all psychics have ‘premonitions’ of the future for a start but those that do, only see what is going to happen in the future in their life and others. One could say your next week has already happened and they are just seeing what is going to happen. If you aren’t going to win lotto next week you aren’t going to see it are you.

    2. Precognition is the same as dreaming Just as you have no control over dreams you have no control over what you can see in the future. It just happens.

  • 3. People HAVE had premonitions of lotto numbers (usually during dreams) and there are cases of winning lotto. One could argue though that it is not them getting the numbers but being given them as they are supposed to win lotto in this lifetime to have certain lessons.

    4. Psychic ability is reading energy. I know people that can hold a watch owned by someone and tell specific things about the owner of the watch (psychometry). How does not winning lotto disprove that ability in any way?

  • 5. Other psychics have the ability to speak to the deceased and pass on personal information about them and their loved ones who arestill here.

    6. There have been precognition scientific experiments that prove we have the ability to know the future (see Prf Dean Radins work). That is psychic ability. Guessing lotto numbers is not and does not disprove any of the above.

    Remote viewing (used by the CIA) is the closest you will get to guessing lotto numbers and even that won’t work.

  • And as for your statement of “every psychic is delusional, broke, or got some kind of scam going”…… where do you get that from? Completely false.

    I know many psychics and mediums who do readings for FREE and don’t believe in charging at all. They just do it out of love and to help.

    That statement is as factually incorrect as people saying “Only uneducated farmers from the south see UFO’s”. Some of the most successful people in the world are psychic.

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