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Bounty on my head in Fallout 3?

Ok I noticed, when I strayed to having too much good karma that mercenaries came after me.I knew that would happen, but what puzzles me is the note I found on one of them. It said the normal ‘kill this mother fucker’ kind of stuff and had my description but at the end (this is how I know it’s not Burke) it said ‘Good Hunting’ which kinda makes me think it was Moira Brown though I’m not sure I say this cause she says that when you barter with her…can someone clear this up or let me know if I’m right.
Yes I completed the survival guide if that’s important


  1. It’s not Moira. I think it’s the assassination society that you can work for if you’re bad. Flip side is a law enforcement/bounty hunter group you can work for if you’re good.

  2. “Good Hunting” is a commonplace saying around the Fallout universe and many other games, it’s basicly just another way of saying “Goodbye” but in a more.. Rugged sense. If you play the other Fallout games you will notice it dotted around.

  3. im pretty sure that when youve got good karma, its tenpenny that sends them after you. killing him doesnt make any difference though, once the hit is sent out on you, itll be carried out regardless. the only sure way to get them off your back is to have a neutral karma. (if youre bad, the regulators come after you)
    i found the talon company barracks, and it was a hell of a fight, but i went through and cleared it out, killing them all. it was ar fort bannister ( http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fort_Bannister ) im not sure, but after i did that, i cant really remember running into them after that. it might be notable that i had long before, found and cleared out a talon company camp, west of grayditch http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Talon_Company_Camp
    its definitely not moira, you’re reading into that ‘goodd hunting’ too much. as i recall it was tenpenny, and/or burke

  4. If you get good karma they seem to automatically go after you. I got the note also. The talon company mercs are good source money and you can use their combat armour to repair regular combat armour. I see them as a bonus. I used to travel to the satcom tower to kill them and take all their stuff.


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