BOS (Book Of Shadows)?

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hi, for my book of shadows, could i put mythical creatures in it?
or anything supernatural that i have seen, and if im a witch will my future son or duaghter have the blood of a witch? in other words will they be one? and am i the starting of wiccan line? or was i drawn to witch craft because one of my ancestors was a witch? thankyou for answering.

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Aquamarine Mermaid of the water

Yeah u can it’s ur book and put mermaids cuz’ im gonna be one and i wanna know bout mermaids

Donut Tim

My book of shadows contains animals that you can make with your fingers. The shadow projected on the wall looks like animals. It doesn’t show how to make a witch.

Crystal Dolphin

1. Your BOS is your personal journal to keep information about your rituals and workings, prayers, studies, deities, correspondences, etc. Do you utilize mythical creatures in your spellwork somehow? (i.e. if you call upon the magical properties of some of these creatures as they are believed to have in folklore in any of your workings, then it would be appropriate to include information on those you draw from in your BOS. Otherwise, what would be the point?)
2. Exactly what do you mean by “supernatural”? Have you seen ghosts or spirits? I do not consider these things supernatural – paranormal, okay, but death is a natural part of life and various religions believe there is an “afterlife”.
3. Your future children will have your blood in them, of course. But that does not automatically make them witches. Witchcraft is a learned set of skills. Some kids are born with what seems to be a natural abilitiy to learn things very quickly – and this may happen, but if they wished to practice witchcraft, they would have to learn such skills – nobody is born with all the knowledge of whatever trade(s) they will work in later in life.
4. What do you mean by are you the starting of wiccan line? Are you even Wiccan? Or do you just practice witchcraft. Being a witch does not automatically make you Wiccan. Are you referring to creating your own tradition and forming the first coven of that tradition? I really don’t understand what you’re asking here.
5. I have no idea why you were drawn to witchcraft. You should know the answer to that question yourself.

Jessica McMahon

you can put whatever you want in your book, mine is like a little blank at the moment though haven’t worked on it in a while and it’ll be up to your kids if they follow in your beliefs or not.


it’s your book of shadows. . . you can put anything you want in it because it’s your book
mine has my dreams, herbs, ect. . . anything i find important to put into it.
the blood of a witch thing . . . welll. . . that’s more from books you read rather then real life… real life i guess parents pass down their tradions and such to their children. . . so if you want to teach you way of life to you kids then that’s your choice. but just b/c your a witch doesnt mean they’re witches, it’s their choice. being a witch is a pratice.
good luck and have fun.

Goblin g

Concerning your Book of Shadows, you can put anything into it that you would like. Your book is just that – your book.
Traditionally Witches put their Spells into the book, this way, much like a traditional cookbook, you will have receipes/Spells with every ingredient in them, in correct order, thus assuring that you will be able to duplicate the Spell again, should you choose to.
Your future child will not have the blood of a Witch. Wiccans/Witchcraft is a chosen religion, the same as any other. People never say that they have Catholic blood, for example. Your child will follow your chosen religion until such time that they are old enough to decide for themselves if they wish to continue with your religion or change to another one.
Most people are drawn to Wicca/Witchcraft because they have not found what they are looking for with any other religion. I would say the answer is “no” to your question of “was I drawn to Witchcraft because on of my ancestors was a Witch”.
We all follow our own path for whatever the reason and some of us arrive at Wicca/Witchcraft, while others do not.
Have a lovely rest of the day. Bright Blessings.


(Sigh) Ok…
You can put whatever you want in your book of shadows. It’s yours. It should contain whatever you feel is important to YOU on YOUR path. If you want to include information on mythical creatures, then go ahead.
You can include encounters with ghosts, faeries, etc…if you want as well.
Your children will be witches so long as you raise them that way. There is no such thing as “born a witch”. Walking the Witchcraft path is a conscious choice one makes, when they want to better their lives. “Natural Witches” are people who have a better handling on abilities accessable by all(psychism, empathy, etc…), while at the same time walking the path of witchcraft.
An ancestor may have been a witch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are one. As I said, being a witch (or wiccan) is a conscious choice. If you develop and interest in this religion, and feel a call from the Lord and Lady, then by all means, study, learn, practice, become Wiccan.

Kathryn C

You should put whatever you feel compelled to put, in your BOS. It is your personal record and exploration of The Craft.
As for your other questions, it depends on your tradition. I follow a particular line of traditional Witchcraft. We believe that when you are initiated your blood is “changed” and that yes, in a way it can be passed to your children. Does that make them witches? No, it is a personal choice and takes much training, no matter who your parents were. It is very possible that the Craft runs in your family. It could also be the case that you were a witch in a past life. Your reasons of coming home to the Craft are yours alone and is definitly something to explore as you grow as a Witch.


Look, its your book. You can put whatever you want into it. of course, as a workbook, if you’re just silly with it you’ve obviously not going to get a lot of use out of it. But, hey, your book. Knock yourself out.
Witchcraft is a practice. It’s not genetic. You are a witch if you practice witchcraft. No one is born a witch.
A Wiccan line? Wicca is a religion. It’s also not genetic.
I can’t tell you what drew you to witchcraft because I am not in your head. Are you asking if some super power reaches from beyond the grave to show you your true destiny? No. Have you been watching a bit too much TV? Maybe.


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