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Born again Christians: How do you know Jesus wasn't talking about Reincarnation?

I am reading the bible again, and I have been thinking: How do you know Jesus wasn’t talking about being reincarnation in terms of being born again?


  1. Because Jesus was Sinless, He Never lied.
    The doctrine is one of those which did Not originate with Christ and may be classified as “philosophy,” , ‘vain deceits.” “rudiments of the world” and “traditions of men.”

  2. No, what he means is that after you come to know God he makes you into another human being(Spiritually) andi t’s like the begining of the person’s journey like a baby’s begining. But, I understand why you thought that.

  3. Because being born again- is when you are still alive- it is a spiritual re-birth. Jesus said, “Death comes and after that comes the judgment”- there is no reincarnation

  4. There are two whole different kinds of religions.
    ‘Abrahamic’ religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (in chronological order) are ‘apocalyptic’. They believe that God created the universe as part of some big plan. There is some purpose to be achieved, and after that the universe will be destroyed. We are born here, we are given one chance, and then we go somewhere else depending on how we do here.
    Hindus believe the universe is eternal and that life (and everything else) is cyclical. You are born, you die, you come back, and you keep doing this forever. You can do better or worse in your next life depending on how well you do in -this- life.
    So most Jews have never believed in reincarnation. And as a Jew, Jesus was not part of some whacko fringe element, he apparently understood and taught the Torah, and believed the same as other Jews believed.
    Early Christianity was very diverse, there were groups of Christians in the first 3 or 4 centuries who believed widely different things. Some of them didn’t even believe in one God! So it’s possible that there were some groups of early Christians who believed in reincarnation and would have mentioned it in their scriptures, which today would be considered apocryphal.
    But I think it’s very unlikely that Jesus actually believed in reincarnation, especially since he apparently believed (and taught more or less constantly) that the end of the universe was very near.

  5. “Old guy” is right.
    It is something that is done “while you are living”.
    1 John 5:1 explains those who believe that Jesus is the Christ HAS BEEN born of God. gegenatai is in the perfect tense passive voice. In other words, it’s something that already happened to those who are living, it is a spiritual event not a physical one.
    Ephesians says You are DEAD in your trespasses and sins. Though you are alive physically, you are dead spiritually, until you have been BORN of God. Notice it is passive. It is something God does TO you. It is a gift from God lest no man should boast.

  6. I will refer you John Chapter 3
    Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus, who asked how a second birth is possible.
    Jesus told him that a person must be born of water (natural birth)
    and be born of the spirit. For one does not choose to be born. You don’t join God’s family. It is a spiritual birth
    We are born of flesh, and of the spirit
    Reincarnation would mean a second physical birth

  7. What is “reincarnation”? The common usage of the word is for the recycling of the eternal part of a being into another being. Jesus makes it pretty clear that this is not what is happening, contrary to what some may say about reincarnation being taken out of the Bible.
    When Christ was resurrected, he came back not as a deer or lion, but as himself. His human body was physically raised form the dead. Even a quick perusal of the New Testament scripture will confirm that the Bible speaks of the bodily resurrection, not a reincarnation.
    Being “born again” refers to the rebirth of the Spirit through God, not a physical rebirth. That was what Nicedemus thought when he asked Jesus if he was supposed to crawl back into his mother’s womb. Instead, Jesus says that we are to be reborn of the spirit.

  8. It is also written that it is appointed for man to die once, but after that comes the judgment.
    There is no room for reincarnation to be a reality.

  9. if you read the bible go to Ezekiel 36:26…it is this scripture that God uses and promises to give us a new spirit and a new heart…it is through Christ that can be accomplished…Jesus said “I am the resurrection”…not the reincarnation. Peace

  10. It’s interesting, but he left absolutely no instructions about how to be literally “reborn”. In fact, no one has.
    Nicodemus professed confusion at Christ’s words regarding “rebirth”. Jesus told him that a man must be born of water and of the Spirit. He was referring to the ordinances that the apostles, in Acts chapter 2, clarified as baptism and laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  11. because its a spirtual thing that you will not understand unless you accept Christ:
    Reincarnation is NEw AGe Bla BLa that the devil made up!
    “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised”
    (1 Corinthians. 2:14).
    Its about walking in the spirit and not using worldy thoughts and wordly information to control your thinking and beliefs
    but by living by the word of God- The holy spirit will lead you into a spiritual life like none before when you are born again
    as the scriputre above puts it perfectly, when you are born again you will be born in spirit and understand the things of God that the natural man cannot


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