Book of Shadows?

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hey i really want to learn more about book of shadows, should i put mythicsl creaturs in it? Will things try to steal it? (just wondering)
i mean “mythical”

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The book of shadows is personal to each person who writes it. It’s meant for spells and such for you to document what works for you.
Your book of shadows is yours to put in it what you choose. However, I would only write about the creatures you have come in contact with, what you were doing when you saw them, what happened when you saw them, how you felt, etc.
Nothing is going to try to steal your book. As mentioned above, it is personal for each witch. What works for you may not necessarily work for me. And this isn’t Spiderwick. No Ogre is coming for your book.
Good luck and Blessed Be!

Crystal Dolphin

Will “things” try to steal your Book of Shadows?
This isn’t “Charmed” dear – real life witches such as myself and others that I know don’t have demons and other such strange creatures suddenly appearing out of thin air in our homes with the intent to steal our Book of Shadows.
Some info on creating your own BOS:


a book of shadows is just a witch’s journal. you note all your successes and failures in spell casting, your beliefs, meanings of candles, herbs, oils, etc. You can put whatever you want in it. If you dn’t tell people about it they won’t try to steal it. No one knows about mine, and i keep it hidden. No one’s seen it in 2 years.

Jose- Jose

wtf? Why are you people in the whole wicca thing so open and showing people what you do?
Dang! I would expect it to be kept secret… oh well….
guess thats only in be@ners… lol


The book of shadows is a book a witch uses to put things important to their craft and life. Nothing will steal it unless it’s some nosey person. You can put whatever you deem important to you.


A ‘book of shadows’ is traditionally a witches journal.
It is a highly personal thing unique to the the person that writes it.
It contains personal experience, ‘spells’, rituals, invocations, herbalism, healing practices, divination’s, dream interpretation, personal accounts and results, belief systems, familiars, code of practice and a whole multitude of things not commonly acceptable.
A true Book Of Shadows unless willingly imparted is not something most rational people would take. Stepping into the unknown requires either foolishness or courage.
Animal: I am not referring to mythical but actual – A Book of Shadows is actual not based on imagination

Samantha S

I doubt anything will try to steal it.
Put whatever your heart desires into that book.
It is completely up to you.
It’s where you put your thoughts, dreams, spells, and anything else that you think could benefit you.
Good luck with your Book <3
Blessed be

kymm r

A book of shadows is a collection of spells/Rituals, they should be your own.

The Dragon Reborn

Watch Charmed.


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