• It’s a Wiccan term. It is a history of all of the spells that the Wiccan has tried with the results included. The successful ones, and the ones that have failed. It should be written in Glyps and the book placed in a dark place when not being used.

  • nither… book of shadow is made by demons… the brother of that book is the book of death and history of darkness….. i just remembered… the one you said is the copyed one… the one your saying is make by elves.. they found the ori(the demons) and hid it. cause it is extremly evil.. and make a nother one which is a cover up for the ori

  • Well. let’s see…hmm. I am a witch, not a Wiccan and my book of shadows is going on 40 years. Maybe it is a pagan thing? A diary, as it were of magickal doings. So would be useful to anyone who has anything to do with magick.

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