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Book of Shadows question?

Is the Book of Shadows a certain text, or is it more like an empty notebook that you create yourself with the different things you want in it? Are there standard things that should be in the book? Is it a private book or able to be shared with other people? Thank you.


  1. An empty book that you create yourself with the different things you want in it. A Book of Shadows should contain spells, and many witches will have herbs, stones, candles and colors with their correspondences. It is a VERY private book and should only be shared with your offspring upon your death if they decide to follow the path of the wise.
    Blessed be!

  2. It’s your personal record/journal of your spell work and your personal journey. You can put whatever you want in it. You can share it or not as you prefer.
    There is no one dogmatic unified neopagan text. I’ve known people w/ Book of Shadows, Jump Drives of Shadows, Binders of Shadows, and other variation.
    Mine, for an example, has my herbal in it, my incense and bath salt recipes, the few spells I’ve actually written down, a couple of personal oaths, and the Hermetic Laws of Magic.

  3. It is any blank book you feel is right for you, you should add whatever you feel is needed in it And it is a private book but you can show it to whomever you like.

  4. A book of shadows is just a big book you put things into that you find magickally relevant. Many will tell you to put in a copy of the Wiccan Rede, but if you’re not Wiccan, a good clear statement of your moral code isn’t such a bad idea. But hey, it’s your book, do what you wish with it.
    A book of shadows should be just that. Walk not in the light of exposure, walk not in the darkness of evil, walk the path of shade. Who it is shared with makes no difference, if its shared at all. Just remember that if it IS shared, it should reflect the will of the group, not the will of one.

  5. Most create there own book of shadow’s, a book of shadows is sort of a cross between a journal, aa encyclopedia and a spell book. It can contain spells, herbal workings, stones, candles, sprits, etc….. you can make up your own spells completly, borrow from others, or modify others. As for the information held within it is completly up to the creator of the book. go with what is right for you.

  6. This is a very personal book that you create yourself . There are other non-personal books that can give you a lot of insight on creating your book.
    Blessed Be


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