is this good to start my book of shadows

to reverse a love spell or break it

take a red candle and black candle let the wax melt , then take a clear glass dish . poor the two candle waxes in the dish and say this

candle wax poor together , black masks the lust of read make (name) forget the love the we had and banish the love he may still have

time : full moon (has the most energy)
I NO WHAT IT IS i just wanted to knwo if it would work and if the spell is good


  • for someone just starting out the best BOS is a collection of notes and papers from things you have studied… such as if you were to read a good website you liked and printed it out.. or someone gave you a copy of some of their notes. The best way to do this is to have a 3 ring binder with plastic sheet protectors.. keep studying till you have it filled. I would only put spells in there that you have tried.. And I would put it complete with any notes about how you felt when you did it and the outcome.

  • Love spells are never a good idea they create diverse karmic ties that can last long after the original passion is gone. ex…;_ylt=AtRin1m0eWpQH_hrSMqVCxXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090506105947AAyl9rX&show=7#profile-info-BWutzyGsaa
    That being said, it is your book of shadows and you write in it whatever you please. This does set the frame for your relationship with the god and goddess so be sure that your intent is at the forefront of all of your entries. If you have any further questions or would simply like educated advice on this or any other spiritual subjects I suggest that you contact the good folks at Healing Wings Good Luck…~M~

  • A good start to your book of shadows, would be a dedication page on which you would perhaps state what you believe you will gain from your path.

    It’s a fine spell, but spells are not the end-all-be-all of a Book of Shadows (nor Wicca). Don’t focus so much on spells…learn more of what spells are, rather than how to make them.

  • I am confused on what your actual question is. Is this good to start your BOS? A BOS is a diary, you can write spells in it, but also your thoughts, feelings, and basic day to day stuff about your life as well. Not sure you know what a BOS is.

    If you KNOW what it is you shouldn’t need the people here’s help. I was only trying to explain what a bos is.

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