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Bob Larson..and exorcism..?

I was watching a show called “Safran vs God.” It’s about an atheist who researches different types of religion and participates in all the ceremonies etc.
Anyways, he meets some American guy called Bob Larson, and he asks Safran what types of religious stuff he has participated in.
One of the thing Safran did in his journeys was go to a Zen Buddhist temple and he meditated there for a couple of days, and he did a Koan..and when he told the preacher, he was like “Omg you didn’t!?” And he made it out to be all blasphemous or something.
Okay, I’m extremely confused, what exackly is wrong with meditation and doing a Koan and why did Bob Larson have to exorcise him over this?


  1. They believe that participation in the rituals of other people is devil worship.
    Just like how eating Japanese food is unpatriotic.

  2. I don’t know what at “Koan” is.
    I do know that Bob Larson is only interested in casting demons out of those who have money to pay him.
    Godly exorcists do it without asking for a dime.
    Godly exorcists can cast demons out over the telephone. They don’t have to be in the same country or on the same continent.

  3. answer: Bob Larson is a hack and a con artist. He had a popular 2 hour radio show across the nation on Bible channels. He lost that slowly when it came out that there were major questions about his accounting practices (embezzlement) and his involvement with his female assistants.
    He rode the “Satanic panic” of the 80s and early 90s to the hilt, writing several books and he continually tours the US, wherever someone will pay him to do exorcisms of disturbed, attention-seeking nutjobs.
    I listened (and laughed) to his program for 2 years and met him in person. He knowingly used fake “demon possession” exorcisms over his radio program.
    No ethics, snake oil salesman

  4. Safran in an interview oniine said he didn’t remember what happened during the ” exorcism” but there is a suspicion that the water he forced Safran to drink may have been drugged. More likely Larson has perfected his stage hypnosis act and used it in Safran, though I wouldn’t put it past Larson to add some medicinal help to make Safan do what he wanted.
    A koan is something to meditate on, like the Zen soundof one hand clapping thing.
    I call Larson a spiritual predator, one who uses the credulity of Christians to get them to believe they have demons or generational curses that ” only Larson” can deliver then from as he’s ” the Real Exorcist”.
    Real fraud , more likely.


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