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blue auras having warm hearts?

I’ve heard the saying cold feet, cold fingers, warm heart.
That just described the blue auras for life auras (what they are suppose to do in life). Is this where it came from?


  1. I know the saying too, not convinced it is linked to auras though. A blue aura usually denotes someone who is balanced, relaxed and self sufficient, not really the qualities we’d associate with a warm heart, which I’d imagine as someone who likes to give. Green is the colour of a healer, so I’d imagine them to have the qualities you describe. Maybe also pink.

  2. the blue auras for life auras: is a sign of peaceful life. which means no tension in the life, good atmosphere around you without fear. relationship is well everywhere joy in life and represent the holy thinking. at last you are doing well and god is happy with you.

  3. Well, I was once interested in auras, and blue supposedly meant kind, calm, cool, collected, ect. But it’s hard to find an exact answer to your question because people interpret auras differently. And from what I know, sometimes your aura changes, which is where the controversy might be. And I don’t know if that’s where it came from, but most likely not, since not all blue auras get cold feet and fingers (metaphorically, of course).


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