Black magick,shamanism, voodoo?

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hey i am interested in the arts of black magick and i have read some good books on them (i do not have the books now) im just wondering if their are any people out there who practice these things and if there are then can you add me on
anyways i would just like to know some stuff about these things like how you practice them and info on any cults
please feel free to add me (im friendly =]) and post here plz

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Satan Lord of Flames
I will ring your doorbell and run away!!!

Nick K

Do a search on Google and you might find those communities. They are much better than Christians, because they never kill people.

Harley Quinn

Oh yeah, let me type out the contents of at least five books and a decade’s worth of internet surfing in the answer to one, all encompassing question–BRB


Oh yeah Nick K…cults never kill people…
I would say try Google or


whether astrology is banned in islamic countries?

astrology is bizarre kind of art or science. this is my understanding

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