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black magic question?

theres an onld story about my grandmother haveing a spell placed on her making her sick. so if this is true could there be black magic spells on my family? if so how would i find out what they are and remove them?
(i just started trying ritual magic)


  1. Black magic, and in a greater extent Wicca is evil. Fiddling in the Dark Arts is not a game my friend, if you go too far you may not have a choice to come back to the light.

  2. It is true that many cultures practice such spells. And such spells do appear to be able to cause sickness in people (either through suggestion, or through the action of evil spirits).
    My recommendation is to not go anywhere near ritual magic. Ritual magic (both white and black) can open you up to involvement with (and oppression by ) evil spirits.

  3. teach me the voodoo trick oh soo plz. i wann poke the niddle in a doll andmake peopel get hurt just a little how do u do it tll me plz

  4. Well, I being a fourteen year old Wiccan, would start doing some researching on the different curses and who would actually do this to her. You being a beginner, would be wise to do some research before dwelling into the unknown world of black magic.

  5. draw a witch with an X at her heart, drive a nail into the X until the witch removes any spells against you they will have great pain.

  6. The last two chapters of the Holy Qur’an, when recited in Arabic, remove any black magic spell. They might have to be repeated several times and you must have faith in their words and God.

  7. In this day and age, anything is possible.
    You would be better off trying to get someone that is experienced to help you with this sort of thing, rather than trying to do it yourself, esp if you’re just starting off.

  8. dabbling in ritual magic is dabbling with satan. Give him an inch and he’ll be in your face messing up your life.Pray for God to remove any curse on your family. God is much more exciting and fulfilling than the devil.
    Beware of the occult.

  9. majick is no place to toy…get yourself some good guide books…and find someone well practiced in the arts to help you with your problem….remember to harm none.

  10. If there was a spell placed on your Grandmother, I don’t know that it would transfer to your entire family. If she has passed on, the spell passed on (i.e., ended) with her.
    If you feel like you need to have spells removed, I would start by asking the Archangel Michael to remove any etheric cords from you and your family that are not for your highest good. Then start reading up on Wicca; the more you learn, the more prepared you are to defend against this kind of magick. You can also ask your guardian angels to defend you as you learn. My advice before you get too into ritual magick is to read some Scott Cunningham and absolutely read “Before You Cast a Spell: Understanding the Power of Magic” by Carl McColman. You can get it on Amazon.com for about $10 or so. It deals with the ethics of using magic, and is an outstanding read for a beginner (I speak from personal experience). 😉 Blessed be.
    Also, DO NOT listen to those who say that Wicca is evil or of Satan. It absolutely IS NOT. Satan is a Christian concept/entitiy, and Wiccans have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with him; never have, never will. Satan belongs to the Christans. They can have him.

  11. Instead of trying ritual magic, why dont you try reading the Bible? people are warned by God against these things. He also shows us how to fight evil with good, with the Name of Jesus Christ Who is most powerful. Believe me, I’ve tried it with my hubby, who’s grandfather dealt with witchcraft for years until he died a sick old man. Now my hubby is free from their family curse, and my kids are protected against it. Find a Christian who has experience in spirutual warfare…For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but with the powers of the air and principalities…..Be aware!

  12. Pretty simple, once you realize YOU have the power (your sixth sense) you can focus and bring the light into your minds eye and simply hold up your hand to keep evil away. No evil can remain once you tell it to leave. The HARD part is having faith that you can do this and it works. Or believing it works. If a person walked into your house and you told them to leave, they’d do it right? If there was something stinking up the house you’d throw it in the garbage right? The same goes for the unseen, know it’s there, tell it to leave. Sort of like “get thee behind me Satan”

  13. I see Swipter is living up to the name. But is off in his thinking.
    cannot separate devil worship from pagan practices. buy him a book on both so he can lean the differences.
    As to your Question. This might be partly true but not by a pagan. they believe in the law of three fold return. that which you do unto others will be returned threefold.Most likely made by a person that didn’t like her if at all.
    No there would not be any black magic spells on your family as the spell is usually only aimed at a single person. It would take a group effort to raise enough power to pass any curse beyond the one person. Intent is the key.any who do do that would be sorry that they did that when the law of three catches up with them.
    A simple circle drawn in the ground in a clockwise direction will provide protection. keep the intent in the front of your mind as you draw the circle.
    Ritual magic has its restrictions and takes longer to do.
    Find a pagan who would be willing to do this for you . even though it would be more effective if you did it your self. or just buy a book on paganism simplified it should have some simple spells to cover the situation.
    Lastly most spells that are done towards and individual usually only last unto the seventh generation before they fizzel out.

  14. Black magic is perfectly true. Black magic exists, and evil people learn them to harm people.
    I, as a Muslim, know some ways to get rid of this kind of evil spell. But you are not Muslim are you?
    p.s. the tricks I know are based on Qur’an & Hadith.


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