black eyes in dream, what is this? spirit?






I’ve had a recurring, slightly varying dream for the past few years in which when I sense something wrong, whatever the impending awful “thing” is at the time, I always find myself in a cold place at a sink with a mirror for comfort, I’m thinking perhaps because when you’re sick it’s like the place you go to maybe throw up to feel better. It’s my dream-security place.
Anyway, last night I awoke horrified. I felt that the room was too silent and I heard my roommate jump awake only seconds later. I felt invaded and helpless and could not stop scanning the dark, increasingly upset. Then an image flashed in my head from the dream I just had: I leaning at the mirror- or I thought it was a mirror, leaning into my reflection. The more I tried to see the more I sense uneasiness, that this thing was only similar to me, but my dream intuition didn’t connect with it as a part of myself. I remembered something a close friend once said to me, that invading spirits/things always have eyes in dreams because they aren’t an extension of you and wear it like a suit. I focused and this thing that had lured me close had the darkest, blackest eyes I wouldn’t be able to imagine and I felt immense fear run through me. It has stayed with me all day as a feeling of dread and my eyes tear up when I recall it.
I am familiar with nightmares, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and sleep apnea and recognize when these things are happening to me; this was different. I did not feel that this image was a reflection of myself either, as far as the whole psychoanalysis goes. Does anyone have any information on what this could be? A spirit or creature maybe? It’d be much appreciated.


  1. it is a reflection of what you are becoming or could be…. potentially…… what you see in mirrors usually is who you are or who you potentially can be… just like when you are driving a car in a dream the car represents your life and your control over it… so does the mirror…. who you see can be changed or who you WANT to become…..someone you are not responsible for…. no one can blame you for who you will be…

  2. I do not know what is happening here but I know how you can make it stop. I know what is happening is very evil. Your friend didnt just jump awake, something disturbed his dream also.
    Start by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Then say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. Lastly, Ask God to fill you with His Spirit. The Spirit of God is Holy and nothing that is impure can come close. There is nothing evil that can distub you or even dare come near you if the Spirit of God is in you.
    1Jn 4:4 As for you, dear children, you are God’s children, and have successfully resisted them; for greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
    Luk 10:19 “I have given you power to tread serpents and scorpions underfoot, and to trample on all the power of the Enemy; and in no case shall anything do you harm.
    Email me about the results

  3. My sister and I had a few dreams with creatures with Black eyes. Mostly my sister. Plus we are very spiritual so we are aware of certain things. We both had the sense of uneasiness in our dreams as well but we did best to control our fears because evil creatures have a strong hold on you when your afraid. And the only person you should be afraid of is God. The creature with Black Eyes could be an Evil Spirit or Demon Invading your Dreams and still lingering while your awake. I believe that Praying and having a strong belief in God Will help give you Protection from this evil creature. Bless this place your in, Read the Bible,Pay close attention to your senses and ask God to Help You because if you have him on your side you become untouchable.

  4. I’m a woman who dates men and women, I’m currently in a relationship with a man. I have unique and sometimes prosthetic dreams, last night was the first experience I’ve had of this sort. in my dream I was cuddling with what seemed to be my girlfriend but she wouldn’t face me face to face. it was a blurry struggle but I got her to turn and look at me, I found myself looking at myself but the other me had completely black eyes. the thing is is that I wasn’t scared, there was no feeling of doom or evil. She/me only looked me in the eyes for a few seconds but I remember touching her face and looking into those black eyes I was more amusemed and filled with wonder than anything else. the dream has caught my curiosity and I’m going to continue to research to see why I would be looking at myself with black eyes. I may head to the psychic for some answers.

  5. I had a very similar dream last night, which is how I found your post. I was also in front of a sink, washing my face and looking at myself in the mirror, I was shocked and a little scared as I noticed my eyes were completely black. I figured the face wash must have irritated my eyes.
    The rest of the dream went like this: I was a guest inside a house. The hallway on the main floor had a lot of doors and it was very windy inside the house so I closed all of them. I heard my friend scream from down stairs, I hesitated from fear but thought to save her, so I ran down the stairs calling for her but she came out and was fine. Strangely enough she was also washing her face.

  6. Mine was a bit scary too. Two consecutive nights I had this dream of a girl staring at me with a complete black eyes like we can see in the horror movies. I’m lacking sleep, I don’t know if it will show again tonight. The first night I had a sleep paralysis…. The second night that I’ve seen this girl, I told her she can’t get me and then I pray to Almighty after that I get back sleep again.

  7. The other night I had a dream of a woman who had black eyes that swirled like a galaxy.She disappeared and was shortly on a higher elevation that looked like a castle wall.Then out of the distance a mammoth size horse with a slim appearance was coming towards me,I was still and felt uneasy as it galloped away.Then she glanced down at me and reached for my hand to pull me up.She then looked into my eyes and thought I was someone she knew from her past,but she looked at me and said he is just a communicator.The place was in a fantasy like realm .I honestly was scared when I awoke

  8. I had a dream about 20 minutes ago that really messed me up mentally, that’s how I managed to pop by your site… I had a dream I’m a guy alright 21 and I’m single if been in relationships before but I have no idea what it could mean. I had a dream about a Chinese girl laying on a bed knees to the bed staring me in the face with black eyes shaped like snake eyes and black hair immediately I freaked in the dream woke up paranoid.

  9. I just had a dream about 10 minutes ago where I was looking at this girl sitting on the couche eye level, she was opening a Christmas gift and had Auburn hair, Blue eyes, and a pink vintage dress with flowers well suddenly she turns smiles at me real sinister and her eyes turn completely black…This isn’t the only dream I’ve had where it’s a “child” with black eyes appearing in my dreams, another time is where I appeared at my old house in my field and I decided to look behind my really old oak tree, I pulled out what it seemed like an old scripture, I opened it and there was writing in Latin and it was in blood, I look at the bottom and there is a pentagram. I turn around and see a little boy who was in overalls, giggling with the same sinister smile but this time his eyes we’re completely black and he was pointing at me saying “She’s coming for you!” After that I woke up. I’m not sure what these dreams mean and I’ve told my Boyfriend and he’s someone who has sleep paralysis so I’m hoping there is an explanation for this. That is how I stumbled across this…

    • I had a similar dream. My name is shiane and I’m 14. I had a dream about 2 weeks ago about a girl my age with black eyes and sharp teeth. She had long straight light brown hair parted down the middle. I was at school and she was in the desk in front of me. I tap on her should and she turns around really slowly and her eyes are pitch black and her teeth are really sharp. She reminded me of my friend that sits in front of me at school named Naiomi. I don’t know what black eyes mean in a dream but it creels me out just thinking about it.

    • @Victoria 73#0208
      So, I had this dream one night about six years ago. In the dream my wife and I are laying in bed watching TV. I startled at a noise and looked over to see a woman in her mid 40’s and a child around 12, I couldn’t see their faces clearly. My wife says hello and the woman holds up what appears to be a flyer for some community event. Every hair on my body is standing up and my flight reflex is telling me to get us far away from them. The woman then motions with her hand for my wife to come down stairs with her and the child, I begged my wife not to go but she told me everything was fine. So she goes with them and I stay in the bed watching TV and after about 5 minutes I feel something shake the bed and I look over figuring my wife had came back to the room and there is this man with grey hair in a blue suit white button down under shirt and a red tie. I say hello and he reaches over to shake my hand and gives me his name. (I can’t remember the name he gave me or his face but I know if I see that face or hear that name it will trigger something in me) He lays next to me and starts watching TV with me. Then all of a sudden he goes stiff as a board and rolls of the bed. I jump up and off the other side as he rolls away from the bed and horizontal to the wall on the floor and starts spinning at like 100mph the stops and stands with his back to me and his face to the wall, slowly turns around. Once he is facing me I notice his eyes are these solid black inky pools. I reach down on my nightstand and pick up my pistol and right as I bring it up his nose is on the barrel and that’s where I woke up.

  10. I had a dream/nightmare of a person with black eyes (I’ve seen this person before in my dreams but he had silver eyes). He kept pointing and his mouth was moving like he was trying to tell me something then he disappeared and I woke up.

  11. Well for about years now I’ve been having dreams of lookin at myself and suddenly my eyes turn fully black and I was freaking out but before this happened I had a horrible nightmare. Okay so I was at my old house laying down as I was tryin to sleep but I knew I was dreaming. As I was on the bed something told me to look out the window, I couldn’t get up in my dream but somehow I could look threw the window. I saw a little girl swinging with a white dress with long blonde hair. She was looking at the other direction and I looked closer and she turned around with fully black out eyes. I felt like I screamed and flew to my bed. As I was in bed still I couldn’t move when I was fighting to move. I was screaming so much I cried. Then my room was shaking and white lights were appearing. Then this one nun came out like everything was going to be okay. But I didn’t feel save, she didn’t show her face. Seconds later she looks at me and I was stuck and couldn’t scream. She was old and her eyes were also fully blacked out and her cross was turnin upside down. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. She was whispering things in another language I couldn’t understand. Then my room started to shake again and out of no where other people came to my room surrounding me and getting closer with all blacked out eyes also. Then the little girl came threw my window saying “ your next” and the other people were whispering loudly in another language. I was so frightened I felt like I was tied down to not move and then as it all stopped they stared at me and told me to look in the mirror. I could finally get up out of my bed and I look…. my eyes were also fully blacked out and I woke up. Now when I dream my eyes arnt the same. They are just all blacked out and feel like I was trapped and controlled. I want to know what this means, but I found nothing to this.

  12. i too just woke up, and the entire room just felt too quiet, too still to the point where it was almost suffocating. Then I remembered the dream I just awoke from. And it was the calmest awakening Ive had from sleep in a while, and it was 4:50 am on the dot. But in the dream, I was at this retro looking food shack. When the dream began it was just an old abandoned outside quickservice food shack. But soon I sat down and even ordered food from the place. I did get food but the man disappeared and was replaced by a girl. Me and her talked for a while, about normal girl subjects and what not. I then ordered a small order of something that was like 8 cents but she charged me a 20. I told her I was saving the 20 to buy a gift for my boyfriend but she still demanded it. Then I canceled my order and went to turn around to leave. Instead I only ended up outside. Which was weird since I was literally outside right next to a sidewalk. The place turned rusty and old, like the abandoned look it had on it before. The girl was sitting down and was eating. I mentioned “staff should probably clean up the place” in a nervous scramble to find some thing to break the silence. She just looked right at me and her skin turned grey and heavily damp. Her face contorted and disfigured, giving her a small chin, and big eyes that turned black. Solid black, the color of Vantaablack. I finally left but not before feeling the megnetic energy of the place. It felt like someone just pinned you flat against the ground even though you were standing. I finally was able to move and walked away from the place finally. It was dark and raining and there were a couple cars about. As I was crossing a man suddenly pushed me out of the road since he said I was almost hit by a car. I was already at my doorstep. Being the overly grateful person I am at times (and this guy literally just pushed me from the path of a moving car) I hugged him. Suddenly the green jacket he was wearing atarted having the images of three blue lines appear all over it. Another man came up and placed a hand on my shoulder and he said something along the lines of “Dont trust the demons of three” and then I woke up. The place was roo quiet as I had said before. Any explanation or just an average weird dream?

  13. This is so strange because it is so so similar to my own dream.
    This however is not re occurring to me. This thing known as the ‘girl in black’ in my dreams has visited me before but not in the same setting if that makes sense.
    However I found myself in the house of my great grand parents (who died a long time ago) in the bathroom stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror. The difference is my own hair is suffocating my face, I can’t breathe and when I finally peel the hair off my face I’m trying desperately to look at myself in the mirror wiping away condensation which just won’t disapear and when I do get a glimpse of myself my eyes are fully black. And I realise that it isn’t me but it is? And I’m scared it’s like I know there is something bad happening. That imense fear that you explained run through you is what I felt. I leave the bathroom and I turn around the bathroom door is shut. I open the door and my boyfriend is in there and I tell him we need to leave because ‘she’ is back.
    I am also familiar with nightmares, sleep paralysis, apnea, lucid dreaming etc. I remember nearly every dream I have and they are always in so much detail.
    However this thing or person whatever it is keeps visiting me.
    The only thing I can suggest is try to remember exactly how you felt during the dream/nightmare.
    It’s easy to recall feeling scared especially when you wake up sweating. However, for example the 2 times I have dreamt about this thing now I also recall not actually dying just being extremely scared.
    I recall telling myself in my dream that I am aware of this thing but it hasn’t killed me just frightened me.
    I’m still looking for information myself and at the end of the day how u interpret your dream is how you are meant to understand it. Don’t question yourself.
    This thing has shown its self to me only once before
    – as myself but at a younger age again only being able to see the eyes. It’s like my dream would not allow me to look at this thing fully because maybe there is no full thing only eyes?
    It sounds so strange when you write it all down and read it back to yourself but I am with you here. I think it’s something I know it is not myself it’s like a foreign feeling to my body.
    I’d love to see what else you find out?
    Thanks Alexandra.

  14. So I’ve just woken up from a similar dream.. I was at one of my mates place, I was sitting/sleeping on the floor up against her couch.. I was watching her but I was alseep? She was dancing around and looking at her reflection in her tv.. in my head I am thinking how did I get here? I am sneakily watching her and trying to gather my thoughts.. it was like I was hungover as I had a sore head.. I then decided it was time to fully wake up so I got up and asked her like what did I do lastnight how did I get to her place and she said I just turned up? I said my head had hurt and she said that I had banged my head on something I walked myself to the bathroom and that’s when I saw myself.. I cannot get the image out of my head! My eyes were bitch black! I said omg what the hell happened to me. I was terrified of my own self.. I asked her a couple more questions and then forced myself to wake up.. a dream I will never forget.

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