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Birthstone question? November 15?

So I know that there are a few birth stones for Scorpios. they are Opal, Yellow Topaz and Citrine
all websites that I look it up on say different things so I decided to ask here. Is there a particular birth stone that applies for November 15th? I know that Opal is in October, so between Topaz and Citrine, which one is more rare or more expensive?


  1. My birthday is November 17th and I’ve read that it’s Opal. I’ve purchased an opal ring and it says that opal brings good luck to us Scorpio/November people because it’s our birthstone. I don’t leave home without my ring because it has brought me good luck since I bought it. I leave it in the moonlight overnight when I see that it begins to get cloudy looking and it re-energizes that opal. You can’t cleanse the opal under running water because it is too porous. So, either cleanse the opal by leaving it in your window sill overnight in the moonlight or all day in the sunlight to re-energize the cleansing/protecting properties. I do this every 4 days or when I see that it begins to lose its luster. It’s all in the study of gems and spirituality.


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