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BIG telepathy question.?

I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t know this, so be honest.
When you have telepathy or whatever is transmitting my thoughts, when I’m listening to music, do you hear the music and the specific voice? Or, do you only hear my voice reacting along to the music when hearing it?
I really don’t know. What do you hear in telepathy or whatever this transmission of my thoughts is.
Oh, and I’ll spearhead you with a fish stick if you tell me you’re “telepathically” sending me the answer. – Axisofoddity
Why do I sense you’re either here for the 2 points only or to just aggravate me?


  1. I’m not sure how it works with other people but for me I normally hear my voice and other times it’s like a monotone thought that comes to me, and even other times I can have premonitions that will be more like short films, no sound, and moving in choppy motion.
    Odd isn’t it!

  2. Okay… so you’re asking me… when I’m reading your mind do I hear you singing the music in your head, or the singer’s voice in your head? I’m gonna go with the singer’s voice just because when I’m listening to music I’m just hearing what he/she’s saying.


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