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Best Yoga positions for.. I have lower back pain caused by a recently diagnosed scoliosis. ?

I have pretty sever lower back pain that is supposedly caused by a recently diagnosed case of scoliosis (my lower spin is wrenched to the left). What are good yoga positions for me to address this?


  1. You should not go for yoga till the pain sustains. Once you have been attact by back pain it won’t leave you. And Yoga is the bast remedy. Have a consultation with an Aurthopedic Surgeon, go accordingly & after releave from the pain go for Yoga. Lye down with your face down & hands keeping side of the body, Totally release your body. Move the hands & keep by the sides of your breast. Slowly move the body upward resting on the hands. Count upto 60 & slowly come to the original position. Next, lift the legs upward simoultenously & count upto 60 & again release. Do the process thrice daily.

  2. the corpse pose is good for relaxation purpose, to relieve the pain. But, I really can’t advice you with the pose that will cure your issue definitely.


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