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Best Valerian Root brand for insomnia?

I have major insomnia. I was taking melatonin but read something about it affecting the body’ natural ability to produce melatonin in the pineal gland. So, I went and bought a bottle of “Nature’s Way Valerian Root”. The first night it worked. Thereafter if didn’t work. If anything, it had a negative effect. I read somewhere in a review that Nature’s Way is a weak form of valerian root. Can anyone recommend a good brand for valerian root?
FYI, I’m not interested in prescription meds. Natural remedies only.
One more thing… I bumped up the dosage a little bit these last couple of nights and have actually fallen asleep. The problem is I don’t stay asleep. Granted, I have a cat problem (neighborhood cats knock on my door in the middle of the night and then leave…since i live in a studio, there is no escape from the disturbance). When I was taking ambien for sleep, I was able to sleep solid through the night. But as I mentioned, I’m really trying to stay away from pharmaceuticals. Thanks.


  1. Truth be told, any answer given here will just be personal opinion (I can give you my opinion if you’d like). There are many higher quality companies out there that are readily available and well priced… just make sure the company has a good rating with either the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia), as those are the main quality assurance organizations (USP is for the U.S., GMP is for the U.S. and worldwide).
    With that being said, Nature’s Way (like many other companies) has a “weaker form” of Valerian available… that’s the whole-herb you got (the green top, right?). They also have a standardized extract available (the purple top) that is more potent, but you can also get that same standardized extract from one of several other good quality companies that won’t be as expensive if you want to save the money.
    With that also being said, Valerian is a very good option for helping people to sleep, but not everyone responds the same way to every herb, so not everyone will sleep soundly with it (as you’ve already experienced). Because of that, you may want to try one of a few other natural options to help you sleep like Melatonin, Chamomile, Hops, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Passionflower, or Scullcap (an herb). You can try any one of those to help you relax and sleep naturally.
    Also, make sure you avoid sugar, caffeine, and exercise for at least 2-3 hours before you want to head to bed to eliminate other common possibilities of sleeping problems. If none of those help, it’s possible you may need to see a Sleep Specialist to see why you aren’t sleeping right, but most people don’t get to that point after trying some of these options. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  2. Oldtime has given you some good info. … I would just add that if the problem is that you are being woken up during the night by disturbing noises, .. it may be that you are someone who is a very light sleeper and is easily awakened by noises around you. If this is the case, I suspect that valerian will likely never be strong enough to keep you from being awakened during the night. … Yes, .. a pharmaceutical drug will typically sedate you strongly enough to prevent that happening, .. but I agree with you that you are better off finding a healthier solution.
    It may be that a simple solution for you is to use a very comfortable form of ear plugs (which could be used in conjunction with the valerian), (there are some earplugs that are made out of a very soft foam material that sits very comfortably in the ear canal and can be found either in a hardware store or on line), I have used these myself at times very successfully for this same problem.
    Another option is a ‘white noise machine’ in your bed room that you turn on just before you go to sleep. Such a machine can block out many surrounding noises. Many psychotherapists put them in their waiting rooms to prevent waiting patients from being able to hear discussion taking place in the therapists office. They work well.
    I suspect that the combination of valerian to help you get to sleep … and a noise blocking tool such as suggested above,…. should remedy the problem for you. ………………. Also,.. if you use an alarm clock to awaken you in the morning,….. and you decide to use the ear plugs, .. you will need to turn up the volume of the alarm and keep it near your head, to be sure that you will hear it when it goes off.
    You have to make sure you get the right type of foam ear plug. … Some of them are less comfortable. .. Here is one example of the most comfortable style offered on the market. These plugs are typically only used a few times and then you throw a pair away and then use a new pair out of the box;

  3. I would say you get better quality of herbal supplements in health food stores as they are all natural. There is also valerian in form of liquid and it works better. My mom used to take it for years, put the recommended amount of drops on a teaspoon of sugar then it tastes good. About melatonin, it is a natural hormone produced by the body so it should not have any side effects. It is produced in the dark and controls the body’s natural clock of sleep and wake up cycle. Make your room as dark as possible and maybe then your body will produce enough melatonin for your needs. About the cat, you may complain to the landlord or owner or try an old fashion remedy using lemon peal by the door, cats hate lemon.

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