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Recently I’ve been buying different types of international music just so that I can get a little bit of variety in my iTunes library. I’ve already purchased some collections of Spanish Flamenco music, Melodic celtic music, and Tibetan chants and mantras. What other styles or genres from different countries would you recommend?


  1. you could try bollywood music and finnish or swedish music. the more modern and recent type, not the old stuff:)

  2. Try:
    Classical and traditional Chinese music for the Pi’pa (a type of lute)
    Ancient Chinese imperial court music: Gagaku
    Classical and traditional for the Chinese Zither, Ch’in
    Classical and traditional for the Shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute.
    Balinese Music: Gamelon Gong; & The Ramayana Monky Chant.
    Sitar, India: (south Indian school) Nikhil Banerjee. (Shankar’s recordings are more pitched to what westerners Think Indian Music should sound like – I find the southern style more ‘elegant’, and Banerjee was a master who did not comprimise the music to pander to western audiences.)
    For a few to start with….
    If you are looking in Amazon, or a local CD store’s bins, the category would be Ethnic / then arranged by country and or instruments. Beware ‘world music.’ most in this category is western pop with some ethnic instruments. There are ‘fusion’ musics of a number of fine Ethnic musicians who have gotten together, with good to great results, but this is a rare find in the World Music bins.
    regards, petr b.
    P.s. African music is rich in many local genres, tribal singing, many pitched instruments, harp-like or marimba-like, as well as the better known drumming. Well worth looking into.

  3. I really like J-rock (Japanese rock music) and J-pop (Japanese pop music), but I can’t give examples because I would then have a list of 300 some bands, I also like some French pop such as Mylene Farmer and Alizee, european metal such as Nightwish, Sirenia, Within Temptation, etc.
    You could also choose countries that you’re interested in, and google popular music artists from _____.
    Hope I helped!

  4. Check out Indian classical music. It’s such a wonderful style. Your best for all around good Indian music is probably with some Ravi Shankar recordings. He’s thought to be India’s most virtuoso sitar player.
    Also, check out Chinese traditional music. There are some recordings by Lei Qiang, an er-hu (two string bowed instrument) player, of good, traditional Chinese music that really introduced me to the style.
    I’m a violinist, so the timbres of non-western string instruments really get me going. Chinese and Indian music both have very cool string instruments, so check em out!

  5. Estonian music is definitely worth exploring! I play in an Estonian folk ensemble, so I guess I’m biased. Most of it is dance music, and there are some hauntingly beautiful laments. We play a range of traditional instruments, including torupill (bagpipes,) rohrpill (reedpipe,) hiukannel (bowed harp) and jaurum (jangling percussion stick.)
    Hafwen x

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