best tibetan singing bowl for budget price?

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hello! I’m looking through different websites for Tibetan singing bowls and I would like to know any tips or suggestions before buying one. I want to get the best quality that I can get for about 50 dollars. Thank you very much for your time!

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Check out Lark In The Morning.
They are a music store, not a religion store, so they are less likely to screw you over.


You might consider looking on EBay – they have quite a few for only about $15-20, from what I’m seeing.
You might also check with Celebration Conscious Living Store in Old Colorado City (part of Colorado Springs); I used to live just around the corner, and they often have some good prices; I’m sure they’ll ship if you’re not close by.
The Flute Player Gallery on the same street used to have some, I think, too.
Good luck!


When I want to price something like that, I research the item. You know its use. What they are usually made of and history. Then I would check out the websites that match my research. As far as knowing what they are talking about. Then go to several and check out the prices, descriptions, materials, and quality. You would be surprised with the differences in prices you will find. Make your purchase when you are comfortable with doing so.


I have great singing bowls starting at $49.


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