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Best tarot card layout for job interview?

I have a job interview tomorrow morning and would like to do a tarot reading tonight to see how my day might unfold. What is the best card layout to use for this particular instance?


  1. You can always go with the standard Celtic Cross, but here’s a spread that I “created” especially for your situation:
    “Unfolding Day Spread”
    Preparing For the Day
    1. YOU. . . where you are at mentally, emotionally, etc.
    2. Something/lesson/energy from your past you should bring with you throughout the day
    The Day:
    3. What gifts/power/energy you bring throughout the day
    4. What gifts/power/energy you receive throughout the day
    Reflecting on the Day:
    5. Something you will learn
    6. Outcome

  2. There are four spreads that I know of (I’m sorry I don’t know any fancy names). There’s the 3,5,10 and 15 card spread. The best card spread for a job interview is the fifth teen card spread as it shows what is going to happen in the most detail. The 10 card spread may help as well but that give a little less detail. But usually I would find that if you get suprised by getting the job its better than knowing. If you still would like to know a little about the future use the three card spread which also helps keep the element of surprise

  3. I personally prefer a straight forward spread for a direct response.
    Choose a significator to represent your general attitude at present.
    Either one you have in mind or one your draw randomly from the pack.
    Then layout 5 cards.
    1. represents what you have now.. or what you will leave behind
    2. is what you wish for.. are the prospects realistic?
    3. is what you need to do to achieve this.. the input and effort required.
    4. is the unknown factor- what you have not yet realized
    5. is the possible outcome… if you make the changes
    This should give you a more insightful and objective view of the matter.
    The significator will give insight to your whole approach.
    The focus is on preparing yourself for the interview, then whatever happens you will be able to handle it and gain from the experience.


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