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Best physical exercise ever!!! ?

I have studied and practically tested many thing, but I do still have a question, which is more likely not a scientific one, but refers to experience. Is there a exercise , or a group of exercises which makes your body completely strong – i don’t talk about deadlifting or doing weights… this is something more complicated, where i need answers from experienced and wise men… Which have made it on their own. It has something to do with the power of will and tantra and many other things, which teach you to control every part of your body!


  1. my exercise is 30 push ups 40 sit ups stretching and a 3 mile run with my dog every day to help your mental exercise take deep breaths play a crossword puzzle or sudoko

  2. I am going to be as honest as possible. And I am going to give you my workout for each day. So, wake up, do 20 push ups, and 40 sit ups. After school, I swim.. Swim, swim, swim… That is really the key… I know many people dislike swimming and that is because they do not understand what goes into that sport. Let’s just say this, swimmers, at least professional ones, have about 5 % body fat. When a normal athlete has 10-15 %. Anyway, find a swimming excercise online, and make sure you are doing different things each day, make sure you are also pushing your self, and don’t take breaks more than 1 minute or so, maybe 2 minutes at most. Then you get home, have something to eat to regain energy, and then here comes the fun. About an hour and a half after you eat, take a 2 mile run. But for the run, do 2 minutes jogging, and then sprint for 15 seconds, and then slow back down to a jog. Do this for the 2 miles. When you have finished, get on your bike, preferably a mountain bike, while you are riding, make sure it is in the highest gear, and ride for about 10 miles, nonstop pedaling. Now this workout the first time, will seriously be painful. I mean, the next day you won’t be able to feel your legs. But it is honestly and truthfully the best workout there is… Good Luck!!!


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