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Best meditation to do when trying to listen to my inner voice?

I have a nagging feeling and have had it now for three weeks.
I have prayed about it. I have tried standard meditation several times and nothing has alleviated or answered the cause of the the feeling..
Any tips or specific meditations to try would be wonderful 🙂
p.s. Inner voice means intuition in this case; posted in R&S and the jerks came out with their misguided PSEUDO-PSYCHOLOGICAL-RELIGIOUS “advice” aka attacks


  1. I had the same problem this school year when all the pressure started building up!
    I have found that the best time to focus on your third eye is during dawn. It’ll be iffy to wake up so early, but it’s worth it because you just have to sit facing the morning sun with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply but comfortably. Imagine these breaths intertwined with the sunlight, going through your body and relaxing your muscles. Make sure you clear your mind of mental obstacles and “pollutants”– they will hinder your quest. This process will only facilitate communicating with your inner working since what works for me may not work for you. You must have patience.
    This exercise is also good for stress-relief and overall health.
    For an added effect and better focus, you can surround yourself with crystals, particularly of the clear quartz variety (you can find these in your local new age store, but I’ve found them in street fairs, and toy stores [surprisingly] also).

  2. forget meditation religion and all the rest of the pseudo psychological bs.
    you have a nagging feeling like somethings not right or is out of place.
    what has changed in your life, have you made any choices or done something that goes against your core values. people don’t appreciate how much their internal sense of right and wrong actually means to them and when they act against their core values it nags at them until they recognize it and remedy it.
    to get in touch with what so many confuse as their inner voice or their conscience, all you have to do is identify what your personal morals, ethics, and values are, then what you did that goes against them and finally you will be free of it

  3. Try to sit outside a lot do you have a balcony? Or go to your backyard and sit down. And it doesn’t matter how you sit as long as it’s comfortable. Try to be more in tune with nature, close your eyes and listen to everything around you. The birds and the airplanes that fly over you, the sound of the wind blowing through the leafs. And after a while try to stop paying attention to everything. Stop listening to everything around you and stop thinking about other things. Concentrate on meditation only and try to feel what’s going on inside of you. You then know if you feel at peace with yourself or if there’s something wrong. Don’t stand up immediately when your finished but try to think of what you just felt. I hope it helps


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