best incense to burn whilst trying to get in a state of meditation? Self discovery?

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I want to start doing some meditation to help me what is a good incense to try to meditate to?

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They sell AMAZING incense at Spencer’s go check it out and see which one you like. No incense has anything to affect your mind or anything, unless you make it yourself.


Burn whatever makes you feel relaxed and doesn’t annoy others. Lavender and jasmine are commonly recommended and are supposedly conducive to relaxation. I like sage, but it doesn’t sit well with some folks. In any event, it isn’t a philosophical issue, really, so I suggest that you try the spirituality forum too or go to a meditation website.

†Faith in Flower â€

The guy who runs the sangha in my town burns insence that smells a lot like what my church used. So I snuck a look at the packaging, half expecting to see a label indicating it had been blessed by monks or something. It was just the incense they sell at head shops…’Zen’ fragrance.


The best incense is called Nitiraj, which I used for the past 6 years, as recommended by my feng shui teacher. You can check in at
It is guaranteed to contain only natural oils, resins, aromatic herbs, spices and sandalwood.


any one which you like…
been using so many different ones since
1975 and they all work well for me.
Nag Champa is favored by some


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