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Best books for developing psychic powers?

What are the best books for obtaining psychic powers? I’ve been on a spiritual journey for about 3 months now.. Any books or tips on helping me to open my third eye & unleashing my psychic powers such as telepathy, clairovoyance, out of body experiences or prophocies? Any help would be nice thanks!
I have some of the talents & gifts I’m trying to strenghten them.. And no it isn’t satan you people give him to much credit


  1. If you are a psychic shouldn’t you all ready know what to do? Or is that another case where that isn’t really how it works.

  2. One of the best books for practical exercises was written by a man with the last name of Sherman. I have a copy at home I have not read in years. Email me and I will send you full name and book title along with the bio data.

  3. Obtaining? You already have the ability to utilize your psychic senses – this is not something that is obtained. What you need to do is “retrain your brain”, so to speak, and learn to access what is already there.
    “How Psychic Are You? 76 Techniques to Boost Your Innate Power” by Julie Soskin is a good starter book on opening up your awareness and developing your psychic skills. It covers a wide variety of methods for “seeing with the third eye” and includes exercises for each one. It takes a lot of practice, but you will find the methods that work best for you and it will get easier.
    Best wishes.

  4. You really don’t need a book for that. Satan is the one who gives those powers, just ask him. Or if you really want to experience life at its fullest, ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life. He can give you a spiritual high that satan and his demons could never match! Jesus loves you.

  5. Hello Jen
    3 month is no time at all, if you have patience & I feel that you then meditation will be the way forwards, either traditional or guided.
    Another excellent way is to find a ‘tool’ that you gel with such as Tarot, Runes etc. The tarot especially will help you to develop as it provides a stepping stone into you higher mind, especially when combined with meditation.
    Join my group if you think that it will help

  6. Oh well! These comments were rather (un)helpfull. We are all on journey to develop our spirituality and one of tasks on the way is to help fellow people to do the same.
    I would recommend Sanaya Roman. She has lots of books and audio. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer etc, that would be beginning. As you start to peal of layers more and more resources will come your way.
    Check whether you have Spirituality church in your area, in my church every week we have development circle where we develop our psyhic and medium skills.
    I hope it was helpful.

  7. How can you call the sprit to come out form the six and seven book of Moses.
    How can you see the sprit.
    What are supposed to say for the sprit to come out.
    How many sprit will come out when you call the sprit.
    After the spit comes and help me what do I have t do for the sprit.

  8. Hi, I’d like to recommend the book Psychic living by Andrei ridgeway. It is great to start with and offers a great perspective on psychic ability and exercises to develop your abilities. I remember when I read it like 10 years back it helped open my mind and gave me some abilities until I started smoking a lot of pot and my abilities went away.


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