Best book by Aleister Crowley?

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I’m thinking of purchasing an Aleister Crowley book.
The library doesn’t have any.
Does any body know which of his books are the most fascinating?

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The book of law


No recommendations, but I do have this fascinating story I read in book where a man had this encounter with him:
The man and his friend went dining. Halfway through their meal in a nice restaurant, the door flew open and a large bald man wrapped dramatically in a cloak stalked in. He proceeded to swoop up to various diners, grab food from their plates, eat it, and move on to other tables.
Most astonishingly NO ONE paid him any attention and continued talking as though nothing were amiss. The stranger swooped down on the man and took some of his food, then helped himself to more at the next table. After a bit, he left the dining room, all without one person making a fuss.
The man asked his friend, “WHO the bloody hell was that madman!?”
His unruffled friend said, “Oh, that’s just Aleister Crowley. He thinks he’s invisible.”

Kirra Blackhart

Across the Gulf would be my favourite.


Well, for religious books, The Book of The Law is beautiful.
If you want a fiction book, Diary of a Drug Fiend is good.
If you are looking for a book on magick, then Magick in Theory and Practice is the best.
For mountain climbing and chess, I can’t help you.
Crowley wrote on many topics, so it’s hard to determine what you are looking for.


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