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Besides meditation and yoga what are so many other healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety?

How do you destress?
Edit in the question it should say “some” many other healthy way etc..
Thanks for the answers:)


  1. Exercise, breathing exercises, engaging in pleasant activities DAILY, talking over problems with friends/family members/counselor/pastor, etc.

  2. Exercise- cardiovascular type helps your body relax and function more efficiently. The endorphins can help give an improved sense of well-being.
    Try planning for situations that you know make you anxious and finding ways to make them easier on you (e.g. if you get stressed and anxious giving speeches plan what you want to say, make notes, practice doing it with friends etc.)
    Avoid stimulants like coffee if they make you more keyed up (or in opposite if it calms you down try small doses with breakfast and lunch)
    Try deep breathing techniques- take long breaths in 5-15 count and long breaths out same count or longer.
    Try doing things that make your body feel good- wrapping, hot/cold baths, massages, walking on a scenic path etc. I find a good novel (light reading with no need to analyze)also help wind me down.

  3. Breathing techniques and St Johns wart.
    The breathing technique is just a long slow intake of breath on a count and holding it for the count and a long slow release on the count. Different therapists say different time counts but anythings fine from about 5-8 secs just use the say each time.
    There are also health benefits of doing this for about 15-30 through the day as well as helping to combat the future anxiety attacks although you may just want to start of for a few minutes a day and when the anxiety comes into play but the technique is the one you will pay the big money for from a psychologist.

  4. i just learn this topic at a SY EP Orientation & it says you could cope with stress by cleaning up your house because it calls for relaxation & by drinking depending on the person but in a healthy way i will say by taking a nap as my opinion.

  5. In my life I have had a lot of stress and hardships, and over the years I have read motivational books and listened to motivational C.D’s to help put me in a positive frame of mine.
    One phrase I have learned is, “What you focus on expands” This helps me focus on the good things in life instead of the negative.
    I also meditate like you do as I find this is helpful.
    No matter how stressful my life becomes, or if I’m facing a negative situation, I look for the good in life. I used to ask my self defeating questions such as “why is this happening to me?” or “Why does this always happen to me?”
    Now when a negative situation comes up my questions are, “What can I do to resolve this?” or “what actions can I take?” or “What can I learn from this?” These are more empowering questions than “Why do bad things happen to me.”
    Another thing is to take your mind off your negative thinking and stress is by going to funny movies, read uplifting books, look at comedies, socialize with friends, have a hot relaxing bath. This will put you in a more positive frame of mind. Go online or look in your library or book store for the self help section and you will find many positive motivational books.
    I personally like some of the books about the Law of Attraction as they are teaching me to focus on positive things, rather than focus on the things in my life that are stressful. I really like the author Jack Canfield who has written the “Chicken Soup for The Soul” books and also wrote one on “The Law of Attraction”
    These are just a few suggestions I can offer.
    I find physical arobic exercise (running, walking briskly, bike riding or swimming is great for stress too) as it increases the “feel good” Serotinin levels in your brain .
    When going for a brisk walks repeating positive phrases or affirmations is great too.
    Sometimes when I am stressed I will go for a brisk walk and repeat phrases I learned from a Tony Robbins C.D. I say in rhythm to my walking, “Every day and every way I’m feeling happier and happier, yes!” I may change the phrase as well by saying “Every day and every way I’m feeling better and better yes.” I also touch each of my fingertips while saying this while walking as it “anchors” it to my subconscious mind.
    I also have a gratitude list and write what I’m grateful for even when I’m not feeling grateful and I have an accomplishment list as well. When I write down and look at what I’m grateful for or what I’ve accomplished (big or small) it helps boost my confidence and reduce my stress.
    I also take stress Vitamins such as Calcium, and Vitamin B. Some calming herbs are Valerian root and Chamomile tea. I try to cut down on coffee during these times as it is a stimulant that puts your body under more stress. I eat more salads and fruit as a healthy diet helps your body cope with stress, while an unhealthy diet will add more stress to your system (even though the body sometimes craves unhealthy foods in times of stress).
    I hope this is helpful,

  6. Exercise, some herbs like chamomile, valerian, passion flower are helpful in stress reduction. Don’t try Kava Kava it may cause liver damage.
    Be with friends and family, work as voulenteer helping others that helps a lot with stress reduction.
    You may also try free guided meditation at
    It has 4 minutes to 15 minutes long guided meditations.


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