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Believers, what would make you stop believing in god?

Do hypocrisies in the church, willful negligence of god’s rules by spiritual leaders, killing in god’s name, the death of a child who prays and prays for god to save her, etcetera, shake your belief even one bit? Have you ever had a crisis of faith?


  1. Nothing in the world!!! I love Jesus more than anything! ANYTHING! I cant wait ’till Jesus comes back to take everyone to heaven! I cant wait to see God’s Face! Beautiful!

  2. All of that was what made me stop believing in the ideas of a Christian god. I think it’s the brainwashing that keeps it going; that keeps people from questioning their faith…fear. That is my opinion.

  3. I had a major crisis of faith about age 19. I worked through it.
    I still have minor crises, but I know they’ll pass.
    What would make me stop believing in God? If God Himself came down and said, “See, Jon? I exist!”, and I pulled off the rubber mask and it was Pat Robertson underneath.
    Then I’d stop believing in God. 🙂

  4. “hypocrisies in the church, willful negligence of god’s rules by spiritual leaders, killing in god’s name, the death of a child who prays and prays for god to save her,”

  5. Nothing would stop me believing.
    All the things you mentioned hypocrisies, negligence of rules, killing, are all done by man – not by God. As for the death of a child it is in Gods wisdom that the child not remain here on earth in pain. You do not question Gods will you must go with it and realize that God does or allows things that must be done – whether we like it or not.
    This is having faith. I have never questioned my faith or my belief.

  6. Those things do not shake my faith. I know that there are hypocrites in the church, just as there have always been. That’s the problem of faith. We can’t look at a person and know they have it. There were many hypocrites in the Jewish community in Jesus’ time. And there was Judas Iscariot, who was one of Jesus’ close companions who obviously didn’t believe.
    With killing in God’s name, that doesn’t negate God’s goodness. It is simply a person using God’s name to do something evil. It doesn’t keep me from knowing the truth.
    When a child prays to be saved and God doesn’t do it in the way we think He should, that doesn’t mean she’s not healed in Paradise. When someone dies, we always assume they’d be better off alive, but to be with God is the ultimate reward!
    I had a hard time getting to the place of faith where I am now. I was definitely a person who wanted “proof” of God. I was always looking for a more tangible experience to help me believe. When my husband was very ill and close to death, I was at a loss for words. I just stood at the foot of the bed asking God what I was supposed to do. I felt peace like I never had before and I knew God was in control. Whatever happened, He was still God and I knew I’d get through it with His help.
    Also, I was at a training event that talked about the mystery of God. It helped me to see that we don’t need to know everything about God all the time to believe and be saved. It took a load off my shoulders.
    Thanks for the question.

  7. I find the responses to this question and your companion one fascinating. You asked atheists what would make them believe in God, and almost every one of them said “evidence.” You ask people here what would make them STOP believing in God, and almost every one of them is saying “nothing.”
    Says a lot about who’s more open-minded and willing to listen to reason, doesn’t it? Atheists would change their mind under the right circumstances, but the religious never would. Therein lies the danger of blind faith.

  8. Absolutely nothing, Atheism would be the absolutely last choice for me. God is the only option there is, anything else is denial.

  9. My faith, respect, and desire to follow God are between me and God. It has nothing to do with the things you mentioned, but with the call he placed on my heart, the great things he has done for me and the people around me, and my own philosophical/spiritual insight. I will not blame God for the shortcomings of a FEW. Not to mention I have a stick (or several sticks) in my own eye, so what business do I have commenting on other’s disobedience to God? These things may shake my faith at times, but I know my Father is just and all things work for good with Him.
    I have had a “crisis” of faith….but I probably ran from the problem instead of confronting it, only to confront it slowly over a period of time. Over that period of time my faith was even more grounded in the salvation that has been freely given to me.

  10. There is absolutely nothing that can happen or has happened already to make my lose my Total faith and trust in God. Bad happens because of mankind that does not follow God. God created us all with the choice to do evil or good. HE gives us free choice, and He doesnt stop us from making the decisions we make. Free choice and free will is a must, as God doesnt want us to serve Him becuase we have to. Love is not love if it is forced. God doesnt do the evil. Mankind does that is rebellious against God and following Gods perfect word as written in His Holy Bible.
    PPl do so many bad things and say why would God allow this? Then say there cant be a god to allow this.
    HOGWASH at my hillbilly relatives would say. Dung as the Bible says.
    God does no evil. HE tells us in His word all about evil and how to avoid it, and the pain it causes to everyone. IT is not His fault if mankind will only ignore God and His precious HOly Word. REmember God is against murder, unless it is for a war to defend our rights to believe as we are supposed to do, or for self defense. As those arent murder, those are killing for correct reasons, when left no choice. But God is against murder, including abortion. God is against the pastors and leaders today that preach unholy messages to a ppl seeking only to have God love them, and dont want to hear what they are to also do for God. Seeker friendly churches are not about God at all. God tells about the love of God and HE also warns us how to hold on to our free gift of salvation. Holding on is conditional. When ppl act like the world and claim they are born again, it is false. God says by their fruits, you will know them. THERE YOU GO.
    so if leaders arent preaching the full truths of God including the warnings, they will answer to God, not to me. WE can only pray some will see what they are doing and repent in time to still be saved. No once saved always saved ppl. It just doesnt work that way. So dont blame true Chrsitians when you see others doing horrible things, claiming to be Christian. And even when a child dies, and yes my first born child died, even after prayer. That is not up to us to judge God always has His reasons, and sometimes He takes a person home early, even a child, for reasons we dont yet understand. But, none of that means God is not real and that we shouldnt love and trust Him completely. LEt God deceide how He runs things, and we just accept it and continue to do His will. God lvoes us unconditionaly and we are to love Him and others the same way. Even those that are only pretending to be Christians.
    But, we arent to tolerate such things. LIve truth ourselves, and speak it, bodlly, but in love, without fear or compromise… JUST LIKE JESUS DID.
    and lets remember to always REMEMBER that God does no evil. IT is mankind that does evil and then has the nerve to blame God for it all. Did God make us murder someone, or have an abortion, or lie, or cheat or steal, or commit adultry??? NO, God is against all of those things.
    Reember these things, and dont buy into the Dung that the devil passes out to get us to question or doubt or faith.
    I have been thru horrible crisis, and yes I did lose my first born child to cancer. He was only ten years old, died just before he would have been 11. Did it make me question my faith?? NOT EVER< NOT ONCE, and I remember his doctors were surprized, as they said some christians still do, just for a bit. I never did, nothing makes me question God. God is here for me, working for me, not against me, and if I go thru something, there is a reason for it, to learn, or for someone else to learn, whatever... ITs not up to me to question why God does things or how or when? Only God knows everything, With God all things are possible. Without God, nothing will really work, even if it seems like it for a bit. In the end, it will fail. Faith still moves mountains today folks. Miracles still come, and prayer still works. Dont listen to anyone who tells you that it is not so, they only repeat what they hear the devil say to them. God forbid. As for me and my house, we will always stand and serve the Lord, and speak and live truth just as God tells us in His word and thru divine revelation. Yes and amen. Thanks for the great question. GOd bless you to overflow.

  11. I went to Catholic schools , and church every Sunday , but I heard of cave men and started to question it all it didn’t make sense , I love being a atheist it’s the happiest I’ve been , and if god was real why am I in pain everyday why do I see doctors every week for? Why am I on harmful medications it doesn’t make sense why did god make me sick for and spend 20 years in and out of hospital for ? I hate going to hospital and I prayed to be healed but he never listens , if there is a god why doesn’t he heal me


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