Believers, atheist, and all else!!!!?

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I want to ask you all what your take on the state of the world is!!
More so, what do you think about the warming of our world?
Is it man made global warming, continental conveyor, magnetic field shift, or perhaps you have your own theories?
….and before you ask why I chose RS for my question, I have come to respect and often enjoy your thoughts.
So do your best to answer in whatever way you see fit whether it be atheist science perspective, spiritual or what have you.
Thanks guys!!!!
….OK, minus any essays to answer.
I understand but just a brief take on it would suffice.
I know what I think and wanted to see if I am weird or do I have a common thinking.
I’ll post my thoughts when I close the answering.
I am looking from a Scientific Pantheist perspective. I study various subjects in the scientific and theology areas. I am NOT doing any “research” other than my own curiosity. As I said before, I have come to value the various opinions found in the RS answerers.

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god is getting ready for madd earth buffet, and we’re being slow cooked to keep our tender flavour

CorruptedSpirit, AM Associate

society is headed down the path to Mathusian collapse, too many people, not enough resources, and what resources are available are inefficiently utilized


This whole theory on “man-made” global warming is nothing more than a way for politicians to get elected, doctors to get money for research from elected politicians, and second- and third-world countries to get money from larger ones.

tammy m

majority rules

Just say no to religion

i think the world is just fine.
The media outlets make us think the world is in bad shape, but everything is just as it is supposed to be.


You do realize that for anyone with a substantial opinion to answer this that it would require an essay of sorts?

Frou Frou

i can merge science with spiritual
im a pagan atheist, with an asperger boyf
so …my take is there is of course the reasons like we have messed up the earth, and its system and balance with our own as you say ‘man made’ issues and treatment
that the possibility of some higher being ie nature/fate deciding to get rid of us is somewhat logical too
but not proven or conclusive
balance is the key to life
and when the balance is shifted it usualy has and will go back, it always has done way before we were here, and will long after we leave too
so despite our ruining our chance here, earth, nature and the universe will no doubt go back to being balanced
thats where im at


I think we’re either headed for major improvements, or major disaster. Sort of. I guess.
Global warming- Yes, we’re warming up. Is it man’s fault? A tiny bit, but not really. We are coming out of yet another ice age, so we are going to warm up (look up Biber, Donau, Wurm, and some others if you don’t believe me).
Compared to what the world used to be like, we’re pretty much in a Golden Age (of sorts), at least in America and most places in Europe where you are free to be different, practice your own religions, and be (pretty much) as controversial as you want.

Super Freak

global warming is just a stupid man made concept.
i’ll explain it like this:
the earth has been here for um….. millions of years. man has only been keeping record of temperatures and climate info for at most 150 years. you do the math.


before i answer your question, I have one for you. Are you a scientist or involved in mental research?


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