Belief in reincarnation usually leads to vegetarianism what do u think of this?

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a question i really need an answer to
ive been thinking about this since i started learning about reincarnation
what your opnion on this? do u think its true? or not? if it is plz explain ur view if not do da sme thing
🙂 thank u for ur help

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Splash Log

That if I were reincarnated as bacon, I would eat me.

Filip E

I would definitely propagate against eating meat if I become a believer in reincarnation. It would be the natural inclination towards preventing myself from ending up in a slaughter factory.

Joss Whedon is my God now.

Mmm bacon. I could see this being true. Nobody wants to eat their dead aunt or something right?


not true…theres no reincarnation anyway…..i know a jew sho is vegetarian

Skillet Days

naw, i dont think it’s ture. What does beliving in reincarnation have anything to do with eatting meat?

an old Priestess

I can see your line or reasoning, and perhaps there
is a connection… you should talk to some Hindus
about that.
My religion does not believe in reincarnation, however
we have a deep respect for the Earth and for all life.
We do not eat meat simply because we do not wish
to be responsible for the death of an animal.

Vintage Barbie

I’m a vegetarian, yet I accept the fact that consciousness does not transcend death; thus making the concept of reincarnation null.


No. I believe in reincarnation, but I am not a vegetarian.


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