Being Touched by Tantra

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Recently we attended the wedding of Wayne and Colette, a beautiful couple who have taken several of our seminars. For us, a wedding ritual is always an uplifting and joyous occasion, but what we experienced at this particular wedding was simply amazing, and it deeply touched our hearts.
When the bride entered the hall, we were already moved – in her gorgeous lilac gown, she was even more beautiful than when we had last seen her a few weeks before. Her betrothed was awaiting her eagerly at the sacred altar they had prepared. Their ritual began with what they called their “communion ritual” – their version of entering into sacred space and sacred time as they had learned in our seminar and practiced many times. The beauty of the ritual that unfolded was such a profound moment for us both, we cried and cried. In this simple, powerful and beautiful ritual lay the incredible gift of validation for our work and our contribution to so many lives. The community of friends and family that had gathered to bear witness to Colette and Wayne’s union was just as touched, and Kleenex boxes made their rounds.
When we first arrived, we had felt a little out of place, knowing no-one – but the couples’ best friends who had also taken our seminar – and after the ceremony, we were suddenly part of the community. Colette and Wayne felt comfortable about us sharing where we had met them–in our Tantra seminar–and many interesting conversations were had and hearts were opened.
On their wedding day, Colette and Wayne became a reminder for us of how profound and simple Tantra is and how it can be integrated into our lives in so many ways. And we thank them from the bottoms of our hearts for this gift!
Since that day we have been reflecting on our lives as Tantra teachers. Seeing our work – our passion – incorporated so beautifully and simply by Wayne and Colette in their marriage ritual, has great meaning to us. We realized once again that Tantra includes everything. It is not “just about sex” as the mass media would like us to believe. Tantra is a lifestyle, a way of life that begins with acceptance of who we are. Once we truly accept and love ourselves, we can accept and love each other and eventually accept and love everything… good things and bad things alike.
We teach in a way that is fun and profound at the same time. Our seminars include laughter, tears, dance, intimate moments, personal challenges and playful resolutions, overflowing hearts and deep connection with ourselves and others. Our participants take home tools that they can play with immediately after the seminar to stay on the tantric path that they stepped on in our seminar.
To us, the spiritual, ecstatic life is not something that we need to strive towards – it is already here. All we need to do is awakening to that fact and celebrate!
And this is our definition of Tantra – awaken to the fact that you are a spiritual, ecstatic human being every moment of your life. That’s why we chose the term “Ecstatic Living” to describe what we do – in our work and in our life.
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The Institute for Ecstatic Living was founded in 1999 by Steve and Lokita Carter, pioneers in Ecstatic Living and Tantra teachers who have taught thousands of people art of ecstatic living and loving. Visit to learn more about Tantra, Tantra Seminars, Tantra Vacations, Tantra Retreats.

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