Home Discussion Forum Being "self-aware" and wanting to withdraw from society?

Being "self-aware" and wanting to withdraw from society?

Adversity creates “self-awareness” if you so passionately desire. I find myself wanting to withdraw from this society because there are very few who can understand the “spiritual awakening” effect. A “rebirth” if you will. HSP…Hypersensitive Personality is an incredible gift, but you are so aware of yourself and actions makes other people look at you as if you are out of your mind. I have many friends who are HSP and don’t even realize. Only a few are “self-aware”. Once you are here you do not go backwards. It is a continual progression towards “enlightenment” of the “self”.
i see you are one bullfrog…thanks
stoopid monkey……you ain’t stupid…and you do know what I am feeling…..
walty…..sylvia brown? who is she? retreat…yeah probably would be a good antidote!
Maybe reading to much of Amanda S.
well, I will admit to some insecurity, but I have to say every human being has some sort of insecurity.
Monkee…my mother was from Marshallville,Ga. and I am from Georgia….Thanks for the info…Americus?
Thank you JCmasters.. your first two words to me were very negative. You were speaking from a scientific view and not a spiritual view. Shame on you, but you are a pastor.
jc…you are the reason I don’t go to a church>>>>


  1. Forgive stoopid munkee but he can’t figure out what question is
    Edit – Check sites below for alternatives. Munkee was member of Koinonia and will vouch for.
    Joining an IC is not running away or dropping out if you are serious about an alternative to mainstream society. Email me if you want. I can fill in the blanks. 🙂
    PS – Yep, Americus

  2. I think you’ve been reading too much Sylvia Browne.
    Perhaps you could go on a retreat or something? Thats a good way of leaving behind society for spiritual growth.

  3. Sounds like a nice way to label an insecurity complex.
    Withdrawal is contrary to the wisdom of seeking wise counsel.
    While it is true that many have insecurities, very few have them to such a degree that they are willing to consider dropping out of society. Surely you have people in your life who love you and will miss you in your absence.
    I hope the best for you, I really do.
    God Bless,
    JC Masters
    My first two words to you were, “Sounds like”. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that those two words were negative.
    Also, I’m an author, not a pastor.
    And, wow, *I’m* the reason you don’t go to church? Have we met? I’m sorry, but you sound confused. I hope you get help.


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