Being school tomorrow……..?

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This may be one of my last questions so I’m going to give out some artist for you to listen to.
Project Lionheart:
(Insane near-rock production)
Honour (Aussie Hip Hop)

Elemental Zazen:
(Both Kno (of Cunninlynguists) produced tracks)
The Problemaddicts:
Scienz Of Life:

Phi Life Cypher (British Hip Hop):
3rd Eye:
Atom The Immortal:
El Da Sensei:
The Loyalists:
The Language Arts Crew:

Nieve & Cook:
Custom Made:
Element (Of Custom Made):

The Aztext:
Audible Audities:

Restoring Music In Poetry:
(Underground version of The Roots)

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R, Killsbury is blind fury

i go back on the 24th.


Thanks, but honestly, I problly wont listen to any of them anytime soon, can you repost this in like a year ;), I’m starting to listen to a lot more underground now though.

Crypt (The 2nd Coming)

lol @ the high schoolers starting school tomorrow


Alright, i’ll check them out sometime
haha i go back on the 24th,just a few more days and then i’m back to that lame piece of sh*t school

SRUM[FSAS Bitches]

I went back on the 10th


I start september 1st, but me and this new girl i met, have been I chatting while commenting on these songs for the past hour, and dude, if this hadn’t been playing I woulda never known she was an underground hip hop head, you might have just set up the illest hook up of all time. I thank you so much for this post.

Jack Kerorap

Dopeness. Akrobatik’s last album gets constant spins

3J the Philosopher

go back 2nd, good to see my young cats repin the TRUE N UNDERGROUND, yeah got some custom made


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