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Being in two places at once?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.
Ok well I heard something about the etheric body and the normal physical body being in two places at once. The reason I’m wondering if this is true is because a few minutes ago I was in my room, putting on shorts. My mum came in a minute later looking like something just scared her. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she just saw someone/something outside before disappearing. This figure was there for about a second. I asked her to describe it. She said it was wearing denim shorts [just like the ones I am wearing] and she said it had orange on it’s shirt [i’m wearing a shirt with orange writing on it]. The more we talked about it the more it seemed like I was the thing that appeared outside, but I was in my room when it happened. There was NO ONE outside.
So is it really possible to be in two places at once? Btw only nice answers please :]


  1. Could it have been a reflection or other trick of light?
    From a logical and scientific point of view, been in two places at once is impossible AFAIK.

  2. I personally don’t think that is possible. It is actually something a mental health professional would classify as psychosis (visual hallucination). So, in that respect, yes you have posted the question in the wrong place.

  3. there are saints who have a history of BILOCATION; being seen in two places at once for doing a good act, but they are saints and were given that kind of gift by God. Then we have what we call astral bodies, you can read on it, we have also unseen being which mimic persons. Pray and ask spiritual guidance as well.

  4. it’s called bilocation, and the only person in recent history who’d been able to do that on record was Padre Pio.
    your case would be similar if your mom had a conversation with “you” outside. otherwise it may have been something else that pretended to be you.
    nuninuninuninuninuninu… (twilight zone theme)
    x )

  5. I believe so. I was at a large church where there was going to be a special service for laying of hands to receive Holy Spirit. There were 3 different annexes. If in any 1 room, you could not see the other 2. I was above myself looking down at me. I also looked at people in other annexes. I saw a woman shake her hands & refuse the ministers who’d come to pray over her & she walked out of the building. After service, I joined my ride. She & her son had partaken of the experience & she was so delighted her family had been in-filled w/ the Holy Spirit that night. I didn’t say anything b/c the lady I’d seen (out of body) was her daughter. And quite honestly, I wasn’t sure I hadn’t imagined this. But the daughter came to the car w/ a sad look on her face & apologized to her mother that she just could not go through with it. I had to ask,”Did you only realize this when ministers approached? And did you shake your hands & head to wave them off & leave the building until everything was over?” She verified I was in the middle room & not her room & we are all a little scared & silent for a moment when we realized this had truly happened.


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