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Beginning animal telepathy?

I have just started studying wicca and I want to learn how to telepathically communicate with animals. Does anyone have any advice on someone who could teach me or good beginner books I could read? Any information would be appreciated.


  1. Telepathy is something that can not be studied and has to be acquired basically the minute you are born. It’s a skill which is still be debated about because there is no scientific way to prove that it’s even real. I understand you love animals, but you need to understand this concept. Psychology is a strange thing as is the brain. You can’t simply learn telepathy through advice or a book…or really learn it at all if you don’t already have it

  2. You don’t need telepathy or wicca.
    Just speak clearly to the animal and watch his reaction.
    Animals understand us, they speak through actions.

  3. Nobody can communicate telepathically with animals.
    Seriously. Nobody.
    If you want to learn things, go read some science books — they cover facts, not outrageously silly proven-wrong beliefs.

  4. Goddess save us…
    I wont tell you that this is impossible or that no one can do it, but the odds are pretty slim that it’s anything you can learn to do – especially from a book. Sure Llewellyn probably has a title somewhere in their vast collection of fluff that covers this topic, but don’t expect it to work.
    With a lot of practice, you might eventually get fido to come by mind control, or maybe it’s just that he saw you staring at him so intently and came over to see what was up.
    You have a better chance of learning what’s on an animals’ mind by studying it’s body language.
    And please stop confusing real magick with movie bunk. Wicca is so much more mundane than you would think.

  5. In the spirit of “any information would be appreciated,” I have to inform you that no valid, reproducible evidence exits for telepathy of any kind.
    However, @Paula is quite correct. If you speak to a dog in short, consistent phrases, the dog will come to understand some portion of the meaning. If I recall correctly, dogs can learn some portion of as many as 40 words or short phrases when accompanied by consistent gestures, tone, and behavior.

  6. I think it is real, as there have been times when i’ve experince with my dog and its really come as a suprise to me, which has convinced me to belive in it. As just this yesterday evening my dog was jusmping around the place as he was happy i had come home, it brought a smile to my face, but he began knocking into things and i knew if anything got broken my mum woudlent be too happy.
    so i began to think please, just sit! and to my suprise.. he did. he just sat there, so i thought paw, and he offerd me his paw.
    so with expeince like that, i respect the fact that people have diffrent opions, but just prove to me that happend due to another reason, go on. just prove it. Because i myself, have tryed to think of other possibalitys, but i have found nothing. so please, prove me its wrong if thats what you belive, but explain why is wrong. because i personally belive it to be true.


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